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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose ruzuku for your online course?

In our medium of online courses, you’re a sculptor. You’ve spent years building your expertise and now you need a tool that will help you sculpt your course into an amazing work of art. Ruzuku is that tool. Think about the people you serve. Your mission is to lead your tribe on a journey of learning and discovery.

How do you charge students on ruzuku?

With flexible subscriptions and single payments you can charge in ways that work for your students and your course material. “Love being able to send people directly to the ‘register and pay’ page on Ruzuku, especially as I use my own landing pages on my website.

What are people saying about ruzuku?

“Ruzuku truly is the best, it has everything you need in one place and makes it super easy to take an idea and blow it out into a successful class.” “Building the course inside Ruzuku has been simple and enjoyable… the clean look and user-friendly interface for course participants is a total dream.”

How do I contact ruzuku support?

Please get in touch if you need an alternate way to pay: [email protected] Any other questions? We’ve tried to cover as much as we can about Ruzuku and why we think you should join the team.

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