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The refrigeration classes online begin with the fundamentals of Refrigeration with Chris Compton and move into the advanced courses with Dick Wirz. The first time the 441 and 442 courses were offered in a webinar, Dick’s lectures were recorded.


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The associate in applied science degree is made up of 61 credits involving courses in introductory electronics, refrigeration fundamentals, heating principles, residential comfort systems, refrigeration systems, heating & cooling controls, pneumatic controls systems, refrigeration system design, and load calculations.


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Know how refrigerant state and pressure changes through each piece of refrigeration equipment. Earn a certificate from SkillCat Pass our simulated skills assessment and get a SkillCat certificate to prove your skills. Download online immediately after you pass. Start Online Now (FREE) Visually appealing animations


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Training can be conducted conveniently online through RSES eLearning, or through local Chapters, company training facilities, schools, and self-study. Overview of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Courses Refrigeration and air conditioning continues to grow in importance in every segment of our day-to-day living.


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Each online course is equivalent to 20 PDHs Register Today @ this link Online Ammonia Refrigeration and PSM classes below: Introduction to NH3 Refrigeration $985.00 per participant R-717 Operator 1 $1,085.00 per participant R-717 Operator 2 $1,085.00 per participant R-717 Operator 3 / Technician 1 $1,485.00 per participant R-717 PSM/RMP


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A one-stop source for up-to-date information and training in the commercial refrigeration industry, the Hillphoenix Learning Center is a global training provider for many organizations looking to educate contractors, engineers, employees, merchandisers and customers. The Learning Center offers cutting edge programs in display case technologies


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HVAC and Refrigeration Free Training Welcome to HVAC School, The place to learn some things you've forgotten along the way, as well as remind you, of some things you forgot to know in the first place. Subscribe to the Podcast Check out other formats Podcasts Listen and learn while you drive. Videos Video lessons and our YouTube channel materials.


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Join our online & on-demand Refrigeration Training for NJ Refrigeration Engineers. All training is delivered online by webinars, which are conveniently available on-demand as well. We offer NJ Refrigeration Engineer License Training options: Blue Seal 2C Refrigeration Engineer NJ, Red Seal 2B Re


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This course, held at our state-of-the-art training lab in Stone Mountain, GA, is designed for the seasoned refrigeration professional interested in improving their understanding of the more detailed aspect connected to “Mohave’ ™” Heatcraft’s proprietary Hot gas defrost refrigeration system. This is a paid course.


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Ammonia Refrigeration Basics This online course covers all maintenance aspects of using ammonia as a refrigerant. Describes both Positive-Displacement Compressors Begins with coverage of reciprocating compressors-their design, lubrication, efficiency, and application. Covers rotary vane compressor Evaporators, Condensers, and Controls


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Our range of refrigeration training courses provide cost effective, high quality training and impartial assessments for operatives working on refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump systems. online f-gas renewal course - Cat 1 & Cat 2 We have developed an online F-Gas Renewal course in partnership with our affiliate Mitsubishi Electric.


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Online HVAC Training Program It’s a breeze to learn about heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration systems with our affordable online HVAC training. All commercial and residential buildings need HVAC systems, and qualified professionals are needed to install, maintain, repair, and replace them.


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Free, Online HVAC Training App Join 10,000+ techs building careers in the trades. Join trade school bootcamp with an instructor 10,000+ workers learning through us 50% higher salary for SkillCat Grads 99.2% pass rate for EPA 608 Certification Course Catalog (All Training 100% free) HVAC Fundamentals Intro to HVAC Refrigeration Theory


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RSES is the leading education, training and certification preparation organization for HVACR professionals. RSES publishes various comprehensive industry training and reference materials in addition to delivering superior educational programs designed to benefit HVACR professionals at every stage of their careers through instructor-led training courses, online training for …


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HVAC Training Online Tuition Penn Foster's HVAC training online is meant to be affordable for your budget. With payment plan options, you can choose the best one for your needs and get started on the path to becoming an HVAC technician today. Option 1: Pay in full Save up to $190 Ends 4/26/2022 Cost of Program $899 $1,089 Save $190 Best price.


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Online Ammonia Training courses below: Introduction to NH3 Refrigeration; $985.00 per participant. R-717 Operator 1; $1,085.00 per participant. R-717 Operator 2


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This online training course covers all the various types of refrigeration cycles commonly used in today’s air conditioning systems. The program covers positive displacement, centrifugal, and absorption cycles with details on related compressors and systems. It also discusses principal components of each cycle and how they function.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How to become a refrigeration technician?

Refrigeration Systems

  • Work with refrigeration systems as part of HVAC training, known as HVACR
  • Learn how refrigeration systems work
  • Covers how to handle refrigerants in an environmentally responsible way

What is a refrigeration school?

The Refrigeration Technologies program teaches students electrical and mechanical principles with hands-on diagnosing, servicing, and repairing heating, cooling and refrigeration problems to prepare them to work as service and maintenance technicians.

What is refrigeration certification?

  • Enables the technicians to check and maintain the leakage issues in a system efficiently.
  • It has the efficiency to control on a commercial level more than 50 pounds of refrigerant annually.
  • Experts technicians in the recovery of requirements and techniques.
  • Introduces the methods of controlling the emission during the process of recovery.

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