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Parenting. 20 questions to ask your middler schooler that are better than “how was your day?”. Wendy and I are both the parents of middle schoolers and we’re both in the trenches with all that that brings. As a former middle school teacher, I’m not terrified of this age.

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Icebreaker Questions for Middle School Students If you had a genie, what would your three wishes be? What is your favorite color? Who is …

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5 Questions for Encouraging Dreams If you could travel anywhere in the world right now, where would you go, what would you bring, and who would you want to come with you? What would you like to experience here? If your life was a movie and you were a director, what would you like to make happen in the next scene?


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50 Thought-Provoking Questions to Ask Your Teen Which would you rather have: $1 million today or 1 cent doubled every day for 30 days? (This teaches your teen about compound interest.) Would you rather be the boss or employee, and what would make you better at one position versus the other? If you could have only one superpower, what would it be?


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o It is important to ask the middle school about transportation‐depending on your address your student will either be able to access general education busing (and will have an assigned bus stop) or will be in a walking zone.


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I’m putting this list together (and adding to it over time) so that when my kids are in middle school, I’ll have a heap of questions ready for them. Here we go! Would you rather be a good dancer or a good singer? Would you rather have 100,000 Youtube subscribers or 100,000 Instagram followers?


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What have you done, in school or sports or anywhere, that you are especially proud of? Which of your friends are you proudest of? Why? Have you ever had a dream that really scared you? What was it about? Describe the most beautiful place you have ever visited? How do you describe me to your friends? Have you ever gotten really lost?


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TOP 15 Career Day Questions for Students to Ask St. Mark’s Career Day is an opportunity for you to explore different careers by learning from alumni, parents and friends who are experts in their respective fields. Active dialogue with your hosts or presenters will help you make the most of this opportunity.


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If you’re one of those moms struggling to begin conversations with your middle schooler, here are some ideas to get you started. But don’t stop here. Once you get the conversation going, keep it going by responding respectfully to their answers (even if you don’t particularly like what they have to say) and asking follow-up questions.


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Open ended questions for kids. 01 “What kind of magical power would you like to have?”. 02 “If you could be friends with any superhero, who would it be and why?”. 03 “What food could you eat every day and never get tired of?”. 04 “If you had to choose a different name, what would you be called?”. 05 “Who’s your hero?”.


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How does your school deal with disciplinary problems? Safety is crucial. And middle schools generally deal with more safety and disciplinary issues than elementary schools. So it’s worth asking questions like, "How often do kids get disciplined or suspended?" "How many fights have there been on campus this year and last year?"


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Whether kids are in a classroom or learning remotely, these 50 prompts and questions for middle and high school students will help kids think about who they are and learn how to share their characteristics and thoughts with others.. Here's how you can use these SEL prompts and questions for middle and More Info At ››


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"Would You Rather" Questions Would you rather fight 1 horse-sized duck or 100 duck-sized horses? Would you rather shrink to the size of an ant or grow to the size of a giant? Would you rather always wear wet clothes or never shower again in your life? Would you rather only eat jelly forever or only bathe in jelly forever?


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One of the best ways to get to know your students is to ask questions. But of course, they need to be the right questions. Questions. 8 Ways Not to Say No. 6 Creative Ways to Use Questions. 5 Ways to Prepare Students for Middle School. Encouraging Children to Explore: Five Tips to Foster Curiosity. Join our Amazing Group of Teachers


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Questions like these…. WRITING PROMPTS TO HELP YOU BETTER UNDERSTAND YOUR STUDENTS 1. What’s one thing you wish you could change about this class? Why? 2. Describe one thing that makes you feel a sense of accomplishment. Explain why. 3. What was your first impression of this class? 4. What’s your least favorite part of school? Why? 5.


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Eat one raw egg. Eat one full hand of boiled rice. Take out all your money from your pockets/wallet and buy snacks to your friends with that money. Rub any one of your friend’s legs using your hands. Slap your hands using any one of your friend’s shoes. Hope you like our list of best truth or dare questions for 12 year olds.


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What are your hopes for Middle School? How do you want people to see you inside the school? Who would you like to become? Questions about behavior & personality: Describe something challenging you've overcome. What seems challenging to you at school? How would you handle a problem with a friend?


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How do you ask out a guy in middle school?

  • Try to be direct to avoid confusion: “You seem really cool. Want to go out this weekend?”
  • You can also ask him to a specific activity: “Want to hang out after school sometime this week?” “Want to go get ice cream on Friday?”
  • Try to avoid asking him to the movies for a first date, because you won’t be able to talk very much in the theatre. ...

Is homework bad for middle schoolers?

While homework has a significant benefit at the high school level, the benefit drops off for middle school students and “there’s no benefit at the elementary school level ,” agrees Etta Kralovec, an education professor at the University of Arizona.

How to talk to your middle schooler?

  • Encourage them to set realistic goals. Low self-esteem can come from putting impossible demands on your kid. ...
  • Praise them for trying. Let them know that they don’t always have to win or be perfect. ...
  • Let them make some decisions. ...
  • Give them chores. ...

What are some good debate topics for middle school?

  • Would you rather be good at exams or good at sports?
  • Is finals week too stressful for students?
  • Are graduation ceremonies too boring?
  • Are college degrees overrated?
  • Which is a more valuable degree – medicine or engineering?
  • Is STEM education more valuable than training in humanities?
  • Is there any point in having a business degree?

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