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812 11.7162 Questions to ask the online school Structure How many hours do you expect kids to spend on online coursework each day and each week? What are some examples of typical assignments and deadlines? In terms of time and work, are your overall expectations the same as or different from a traditional school? How do I track my child’s progress?


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018-01-16 Start by asking yourself these 12 important questions about online school. Do you want to be your child’s primary teacher? The answer to this …

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Here is a list of the top 8 common questions that parents ask teachers about virtual high schools along with their consecutive answers: IS THE ENTIRE SCHOOLWORK CONDUCTED ONLINE? In most of the genuine accredited online high schools, the amount of schoolwork completed online highly depends on the student’s level of grade.

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Through a meta-synthesis of 41 articles related to small group work in online courses, the article addresses questions about group size (what’s optimal?), assembling a group (how do I split up students?), assigning roles to group members, “free-riding” and more. Meeting Student Needs


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45 Questions to Understand Student Engagement in Online Learning For Students (Grades 3-5 and 6-12): 1. How excited are you about going to your classes? 2. How often do you get so focused on activities in your


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As several top universities, such as Stanford's Online High School, have now proven, the academic excellence of universities can be extended to high school learners, and create new opportunities for a diverse group of learners to join an aspirational school.We asked the question: “what if we broke down the unnecessary silos between high school and university, …


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20% are planning to creating a full-time online school. 20% want to use online services to offer a dual pathway (online and physical) for learning in their school. 10% are considering online services as a contingency plan. …


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These are 70 school conversation question to generate conversation with your friends or classmates. If you want to help your students do better in this activity, you can send these questions in advance so they can practice with classmates and friends. You can print these questions and put them in a small and ask students to grab one, read it


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018-01-16 Just like in traditional classes, the workload varies – but don't expect your course to be easier just because it's online. Many online learners say they spend 15 to 20 hours a week on


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This question collects responses about the overall experience of the students regarding online education. Schools can use this data to decide whether they should continue with teaching online or move in-person learning. 2. Do you have access to a device for learning online? Yes Yes, but it doesn’t work well No, I share with others


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Online learing due to COVID-19 LAKEWOOD, COLORADO - MARCH 17: Maddie Vanderploeg, 11, a 5th-grade student in Jeffco Public Schools, works on her first day of online learning at her home on March


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An 8 year old child accidently swallows a strong pool acid. The first step is to: Contact poison control center. Give the child water or milk to dilute the acid. Encourage the child to vomit by irritating the back of the throat. Mix one part sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) with tens parts water for the child to drink.


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Surveys. 33 School Survey Questions + [Template Examples] School surveys are an excellent tool for understanding what people (students, teachers, and parents) think about your school policies, teaching methods, etc. It fosters communication between the different educational stakeholders and provides valuable information that improves teaching


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Questions & Answers. When choosing an online home study program, there are often many questions that may come up. Please review some frequently asked questions, or feel free to call us and speak directly with an admissions specialist. In addition, The Ogburn Online School follows the State of Florida course numbering system, curriculum


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No. Stanford OHS is not a diploma completion program, nor is it a school for adult learners. We serve academically talented students who are in grades 7–12. Those looking for a program for adult learners should contact the admissions office at their local university or community college for approved online GED/high-school completion programs.


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A good online school may also have national accreditation from the Distance Education and Training Council (DETC), and individual degree programs …


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What are the fees for IVA Global Online School? Fees are paid monthly. 10% discount for payment upfront for 12 months. Grade R to 3: R2750 per month (January to December) Grade 4 to 9: R3 300 per month (January to December) Grade 10 to 12: R 3 600 per month (January to December) British GCSE: $50 USD per subject per month.


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What questions should you ask when choosing an online university?

Finding a reputable, accredited online university that offers a program that meets your needs requires doing some homework. Here are ten questions you need to ask before you choose a school. Does the school offer the degree program you need to advance your education and career?

How many questions do you ask for student engagement in online learning?

Below are 45 questions to ask students, families, teachers, and staff to understand student engagement in online learning. You can download the complete instrument as a PDF to access all of the topics, questions, and response anchors.

What do online students actually do?

This varies, experts say. But generally, online students regularly log in to a learning management system, or LMS, a virtual portal were students can view their syllabus and grades; contact professors, classmates and support services; access course materials; and monitor their progress on lessons.

What questions should I ask a student who is learning at home?

If you find yourself having to deal with a student who is learning at home, you are likely to have more questions than answers at the moment. Below is a list of questions you may want to ask your local school board authorities as your child gets ready to return to learning. Will there be live, virtual instruction?

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