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LCD 101 is a prerequisite to all 200 level courses. LCD 120 and 205 are generally offered in the Summer as well; make sure to check the schedule in CUNYfirst. See course descriptions. Some courses listed above may be substituted for CSD majors. No course will count toward this minor with a grade lower than C–.


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The BALA minor consists of eight required 3-credit courses totaling 24 credits, which may be taken in conjunction with any major. See the box on this page for specific requirements for the minor. Students who complete the BALA minor will satisfy the Pathways requirement for writing-intensive courses. BALA 103W and 201W each fulfill one unit of


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a minimum of 45 credits in residence at Queens College during the student’s undergraduate career, and at least 30 of the last 64 credits credited toward the degree taken at Queens or the CUNY Graduate Center; a cumulative grade-point average of 2.0 or better based only on work done at Queens; and. completion of the requirements in the major


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NEW SPECIALIZED MINORS. The Department is offering four new specialized minors: Human Ecology, Power and Inequality, Cultural Heritage and Memory, and Health and Culture. Students can choose to minor in Anthropology OR in any one of these four minors. HUMAN ECOLOGY MINOR POWER AND INEQUALITY MINOR CULTURAL HERITAGE & MEMORY MINOR


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There are unlimited possibilities to grow academically and socially at Queens University of Charlotte. Whether you’re looking to find your major, a Master’s degree or certificate, our transformative academic programs can help you achieve your goals.


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To declare a minor, you must fill out this form. This form requires a departmental signature, which you may obtain by returning the form to [email protected] You will, in addition, be given an Advisement Form which lists the requirements of the minor. Additional guidance in choosing courses within the minor can be provided by Faculty advisors.


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Minor Concentration. Minor Requirements: Students should take at least 18 credits in political science, including: 1. Two of the following introductory Courses:Political Science 100 American Government and Politics; 101 Principles of Political Science; 102 Current Political Controversies; 103 Comparative Politics; 104 International Politics


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To graduate with a minor in history, students must have a cumulative grade point index of at least 2.0 in history courses taken at Queens College. Back to Top. Powdermaker Hall 352, 65-30 Kissena Boulevard, Queens, NY, 11367, United States 718-997-5350 [email protected]


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Alphabetical list of current undergraduate minors as listed in the General Catalog and the codes used to identify that major. Column one lists undergraduate programs offering degrees; column two lists their code (i.e., Anthropology offers a minor, so its code is ANTHMIN). Minor Description. Code. Anthropology. ANTHMIN. Applied Mathematics. AMMIN.


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Minor — QC History Department Best www.queenscollegehistory.org To graduate with a minor in history, students must have a cumulative grade point index of at least 2.0 in history courses taken at Queens College. Back to Top Powdermaker Hall 352, 65-30 Kissena Boulevard, Queens, NY, 11367, United States 718-997-5350 [email protected]


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The College of Arts and Sciences offers students dozens of majors and minors. Ranging from the arts to the humanities to the natural and social sciences, many programs incorporate an interdisciplinary and cross-disciplinary curriculum. As part of a Santa Clara education, students are required to complete the core curriculum in addition to the


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Find Us. Queens College, CUNY 210 King Hall 65-30 Kissena Blvd. Queens, NY 11367-1597 United States of America


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Majors and minors are academic fields of study. Choosing a major or minor means that you’ll focus on that field in college. At Chapman, you have over 100 different majors and minors to choose from (which provides a lot of options to tailor your education to …


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What are the requirements for queens college?


  • I. Required Core (4 courses)
  • II. Flexible Core (6 courses)
  • III. College Core (4 courses*) *For transfer students, the number of credits required to complete the College Core, which corresponds to the Pathways “College Option,” varies based on several factors.

Why to have a minor in college?

“Minors definitely allow you to explore the more intricate interests that you have, target smaller fields of studies that majors almost never touch on,” he said. Minors can allow you to explore interests in an academic manner and setting. 2. Prepare yourself for a potential career path

How to pick a minor in college?

With elite college athletics all around us, plus professional teams in a variety of sports, there isn't a season that goes by where you can't catch a game or match either on TV or in person. Whether you're a fan of basketball, baseball, soccer, football or hockey, here's your guide to sports around the Triangle.

How many minors can i choose in college?

Multiple College Majors: Pros

  • More is better. ...
  • Students can graduate on time and explore many interests through Advanced Placement (AP) credits. ...
  • "One for me and one for mom." Parents proclaim that a student's choice of major is impractical and pressure a student to choose another one that seems more marketable.
  • Diverse interests. ...

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