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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the quality assurance program work?

The process of quality assurance starts by defining how employees’ jobs are tied to your company or organizations goals. Employees need to know the organization’s mission, vision, values, how they relate to the company and their role in it.

How can quality assurance improve quality?

Quality assurance strategies seek to prevent, detect, and correct problems in the quality of services provided to individuals and populations. Quality improvement strategies attempt to improve quality through continuous study and modification of the services being provided. Although these approaches tend to have different quantitative techniques and philosophical perspectives, they are inextricably linked (IOM, 1990).

What can a quality assurance team do for You?

This includes:

  • Launching new software. The QA team reviews goals with the software release, customer expectations, and what the software should achieve to create their testing and review procedures.
  • Launching software upgrades. ...
  • Creating a new user experience in existing software. ...

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