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Medical Qigong Certification Levels: Medical Qigong Practitioner 300 hours (MQP) The only 300 hour program of its kind. Anything less does not meet our clinical standards. This training is the most complete and up to date foundation for the theory and unique clinical applications of Medical Qigong… Learn More > Medical Qigong Therapist


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Qigong Teacher Training & Certification Level 1 Qigong Instructor is someone who has become certified in one White Tiger Qigong teacher training. Level 2 Qigong Instructor is someone who has become certified in two White Tiger Qigong teacher trainings.


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The Holden QiGong Teacher Certification Program is like a master course in Traditional Chinese Medicine The training offers a framework to understand Qi Gong and Traditional Chinese Medicine on the deepest level. You’ll follow a sequential, step-by-step path, built from the root organization of Lee’s method.


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Qigong professional certification by Energy Healing International offers flexible learning schedule, so you can learn, practice, and improve your skills while you work toward your well-deserved certification. Because it is a flexible schedule, you can complete the course work at your own pace and take the certification training when you are ready.


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Starting May 14th, 2022 Certified Qigong Trainer Training Online Certification. Online Certification Training. Online Via Zoom Web Conferencing. This is the first step in teaching Spring Forest Qigong. Those who become certified are authorized to teach Spring Forest Qigong Level One for Health in their community. Read more


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Become A Certified Qigong Instructor Earn CEUs while learning to teach Qigong Classes and how to give a Medical Qigong Session. Certification Programs We provide high-quality instruction in Qigong and Medical Qigong through workshops, online education, and certification programs. About Medical Qigong 2021 & 2022 Line Up Live 15 CEU Workshops


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Long White Cloud Qigong offers several certification programs for those who would like to complete a qigong teacher training course. Each program is focused on different areas of qigong practice and teaches a selection of qigong practices that work together in complementary ways to help participants gain a deep experiential understanding of a particular area or application of …


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Professional Member Certification is a benefit of membership in the National Qigong Association that provides an opportunity to inform the public of the depth and scope of the significant experiences that have helped mold the specialized careers of our members.


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The Institute's Qigong and Tai Chi training programs make Qigong and Tai Chi enjoyable and accessible for everyone. Whether you just want to feel better and have more energy or increase the profitability of your business, the IIQTC, at the forefront of Qigong and Tai Chi training and research, can show you how.


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Qigong Teacher Certificate: The Qigong Teacher Certificate documents your high level of training and cultivation, your commitment to personal growth and a healing lifestyle, and demonstration of Qigong virtue (Yi De, Wu De), including such traits as integrity, honesty, humility, patience, caring, and compassion.


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The Fundamentals of Rehabilitative Qigong & Tai Level 1 certification course is intended for rehabilitation professionals and Qigong/Tai Chi instructors with a focus on body-mind physiology education as applied to the principles of Qigong & Tai Chi.


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This certification program consists of the completion of three 7 day, 60 hour intensives (IIQTC Levels 1, 2, and 3) plus 30 hours of self-study and completion of all written assignments. This certification path satisfies the Professional Membership level …


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Do you want to become a certified Qigong practitioner? We can help! Our unique, one-of-a-kind program goes deep into Qigong development. We will teach and guide you on how you can heal yourself and others through regular Qigong practices. You will learn specific exercises for various organ issues, diseases and other ailments.


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The Trainers Training and Certification is as below: Attend the Qigong Essentials course at least three (3) times. Passed the certification test that consists of practical and written. Level 1 Trainer and have conducted at least 10 Qigong Essentials curses with a total of not less than 100 students. Attended the Self-Healing Techniques course


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The Medical Qigong Practitioner (MQP) training is a certification program designed to teach the application of Medical Qigong Therapy through academic learning and hands-on experiential training. Students will learn both personal cultivation and the clinical applications of Chinese Energetic Medicine.


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The second part of the mission of the Qigong Sensory Training Institute is to provide the program to professionals as well as to parents. We have four different courses and certifications available for medical professionals to add to their existing knowledge. These courses include the Autism Parent Trainer Online Certification, the Autism


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Your weekly training module includes: Expect to invest 30 to 60 minutes, two to five days a week, into study and practice. This course has been approved by the California Acupuncture board for 5 CE hours (category two). Qigong for Better Health Video: A 30-minute instructional practice led by Chris which actively engages you in your body, learning the exercises and meditations by …


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best qigong exercise?

Willow Tree Qigong

  • Assume the starting position of the Daoist breathing exercise.
  • Bend your knees and place your arms on the side.
  • Using your waist, twist from left to right. ...
  • While you’re doing that, clear your mind from negative thoughts and invite peace and calm into your life.
  • Take deep breaths in between twists.

How often should i practice qigong?

  • Are you solely interested in physical improvement? If so, Qigong might not be able to help you build substantial muscle tone or bulk up. ...
  • Do you have the time to practice Qigong? While you can practice Qigong in as little as 30 minutes a day, you'll have to commit a decent amount of time ...
  • Do you have patience? ...

What are benefits of practicing qigong?

You can click on any of the following links to jump to a benefit lower on this page:

  • Qigong Loosens the Muscles and Builds Power
  • Qigong Strengthens the Organs
  • Qigong Improves Cardio-pulmonary Function
  • Qigong Strengthens the Nerves
  • Qigong Improves Vascular Function
  • Qigong Can Be Used by the Seriously Ill
  • Qigong Helps Prevent Injury to Joints, Ligaments and Bones
  • Qigong Speeds Recovery Time from Injuries and Operations

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