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A unique hybrid program with online and in-person intensives, this 300 hour certification is the best of both worlds—and the most comprehensive qigong training available. Medical Qigong Therapist The Medical Qigong Clinical training continues with the 600 hour MQT program. Offering online courses to support essential in-person traning.


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The Medical Qigong Program How It Works: There are four progressive levels of certification—each level is a prerequisite for the next. With the exception of Medical Qigong Doctor, each certification level is taught in a 5 module format, with each module consisting of both online and in-person instruction.


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Level 2 Qigong Instructor is someone who has become certified in two White Tiger Qigong teacher trainings. Level 3 Qigong Instructor is someone who has become certified in three complete teacher trainings. Level 4 Qigong Instructor is someone who has certified in the entire Trinity System of White Tiger Qigong.


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In Holden QiGong’s 200-Hour Online Self-Paced Teacher Certification Program, you receive lifetime access to… 16 weeks of self-paced course materials (over 70 hours of instruction) Two monthly masterclasses with expert instructors One live group Q&A call with Lee Holden a month


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10 Best Qi Gong Courses, Training, Classes & Tutorials Online 1. Sounds True Presents: Qi Gong for Health and Healing by “Lee Holden, Sounds True” Udemy Course Our Best Pick An Online Course with Lee Holden to Unleash the Power of Your Life-Force Energy


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We start up a Level 1 Qigong Certification course each year. Our next course begins June 2020. Contact Dr. Robert Bombalier for more information: [email protected] Classes are taught in person or via online video. This first course is designed to introduce students to the basic theories of energy cultivation.


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Long White Cloud Qigong offers three different paths of Qigong Instructor certification. The Healer’s Path, The Sage’s Path, and the Warrior’s Path. These programs give you the opportunity to be supervised as you go deep into these different paths of practice to get to the essence of the qigong they contain.


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The qigong certification courses put a heavy emphasis on personal practice with supporting study of underlying theory, and connection to instructors and other course participants through regular group practice and Q&A sessions. Due to the current world situation, all qigong certification programs are available in an online format.


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Successful completion of the prerequisite Fundamentals course is the first step toward advanced Rehabilitative Qigong & Tai Chi Specialty Certifications including: Neck & Shoulder Dysfunction, Balance Enhancement & Improved Functional Outcomes, Spine & Lower Extremity Dysfunction, and Core Strength & Stability.


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Professional Member Certification is a benefit of membership in the National Qigong Association that provides an opportunity to inform the public of the depth and scope of the significant experiences that have helped mold the specialized careers of our members.


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A revolutionary and modernized form of traditional Qigong that has been highly effective in healing, Spring Forest Qigong was created by Qigong Master Chunyi Lin. It is a form of ancient Qigong that enhanced for modern people. The focus of Spring Forest Qigong is in healing, healing can happen physically, emotionally, and spiritually.


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The Qigong Teacher certification (300h) is divided into 2 parts Part 1 Taiji Qigong Shibashi set 1 instructor certification (150h) 50h of live one on one online training (Skype or FaceTime) 50h of video study of your personal online classes 20h of written and …


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Earth Qi Gong for Women Online Private Lesson & Certification $399.00 Buy Now This is the most profound Qi Gong for Women's health program in the world. This includes: One on one Zoom training for 4 times (40 minutes for each time). …


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Earn CEUS in the comfort of your home with our online CEU Medical Qigong Courses. All of our 15 Unit CEU Courses provide 15 of the 50 hour requirement for any of our Certified Qigong Instructor Training Program or Certified Medical Qigong Practitioner Training Programs. See Online Courses MEDICAL QIGONG FOR REDUCING STRESS & ANXIETY


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10 Best Qi Gong Online Courses 1. “Extensive QiGong movement, breathing and meditation course.” by Michaël Bijker Udemy Course Our Best Pick This course currently has 1162+ reviews and more than 9261+ people have already taken this course. Click Here to GET 95% OFF Discount, Discount Will Be Automatically Applied When You Click. 2.


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Learn Qigong Online was founded in 2006 to provide additional training for my students who trained with me in class. My Qigong training has transformed my life, and I'm happy that I can provide my Qigong training to anyone around the globe who wishes to be healthier, happier and spiritually alive.


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Comprehensive online qigong courses and training from Long White Cloud Qigong. Follow the path of the Healer, the Warrior, or the Sage, and discover the secrets of your living energy for health, vitality, and wellbeing.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Which qigong is best?

Which is Best?

  • Soaring Crane
  • Wisdom Healing
  • Wild Goose
  • Dragon and Tiger. Wu Xing-Five Organs (Tonifying each organ system.) 3 Dantians (Swinging movement generated from the three centers of the body.)
  • Muscle Tendon Lengthening
  • 8 Extraordinary Meridians. Daoyin, An orthodox Daoist Lineage Hermit Practice. ...

Where is the best place to learn qigong?

  • Learning qigong takes much less time to learn and can be practiced in more confined spaces.
  • Learning qigong provides an easier way to directly feel what is going on inside your body.
  • Qigong sets can be chosen based on what you want to learn (e.g., moving chi, better breathing, alignments.
  • All of our qigong sets are extremely safe.

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How often should i practice qigong?

  • Are you solely interested in physical improvement? If so, Qigong might not be able to help you build substantial muscle tone or bulk up. ...
  • Do you have the time to practice Qigong? While you can practice Qigong in as little as 30 minutes a day, you'll have to commit a decent amount of time ...
  • Do you have patience? ...

How to learn qigong?

Learning move-by-move is the only way how to learn qigong, building energy as you build up to the full set. Good Morning – Good Evening Qi Gong is taught incrementally across 4-weeks so you can build up your energy and learn incrementally.

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