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The Maxwell Leadership Certified Team is a group of Maxwell certified Coaches, Trainers, Speakers and Professionals, offering workshops, seminars, keynote speaking, and coaching to aid in personal and professional growth to individuals, organizations and companies worldwide. Search Members Take a Free Course


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The Maxwell Leadership Certified Team Coaching, Speaking, Leadership and Training Development Program will take your leadership and life to the next level. Schedule a call and take the first step to greater influence, impact, and income. Schedule a Call Now! The Maxwell Leadership Certified Team program boasts a 5-star Trustpilot rating,


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Global licensing and life-time access John Maxwell brand and training resources. All Training is Self-Paced and Virtual via Live Interactive Calls, Webinars, Facebook Live, and Audio / Video. About John C. Maxwell John is a #1 New York Times best-selling author of close to 100 books, with more than 30 million volumes sold in fifty languages.


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$395.00 Learn More 15 Laws of Growth This online class with Dr. John C. Maxwell is an immersive experience into The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth and explo $699.00 USD Learn More Developing the Leader Within You A 5-week Mastery of the 15 Laws of Growth based on John Maxwell’s principle that a leader is not born, but made $597.00 USD


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Through the proven Maxwell Method, John’s key leadership, entrepreneurship, speaking, coaching, selling and mindset principles come to life. As your influence grows, you’ll become an even better leader, and, you’ll be able to share this knowledge adding value to others and impacting lives. Coach Training Sales Training Impact Drives Income.


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We’re excited to offer you our premier online learning tool, The Maxwell Plan for Personal Growth. This tool is designed for personal growth and fits perfectly into your busy lifestyle. Growth is essential to our satisfaction and our success, but it doesn't just happen. It requires intentionality, focus, and accountability. It also requires a plan.


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The John Maxwell Company offers a variety of practical and immersive workshops designed to equip attendees to master the skills needed to excel in today’s competitive workplace. Through in-depth instruction and hands-on activities, attendees both learn and apply the concepts that will enable them to grow and succeed in their work.


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Usually our trainings average about 45 minutes and are packed full of information and interaction to create a fun learning environment and build awareness. Our goal is to have each of your team members walk away with at least one impactful idea that will create a desire and motivation for self-improvement.


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This private training is available online, and it is built under the ever-popular John Maxwell team. The team is a group of like-minded aspiring leaders interested in authentically responding to the needs of the people around them. It is composed of professionals from different fields and is perfect for: Corporate executives Employees Speakers


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Expertise & Topics. I’ve authored more than 100 books on the topics of leadership, capacity, teamwork, relationships, attitude, success, personal growth, and communication. I tailor each presentation to the needs of my specific audience, and I always give practical steps for them to live out what they learn. Here are some topics we might


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Sales training involves the completion of five hours of video sales training, which addresses “telephone and email introduction skills, cold calling and networking skills, referral strategies, sales scripts, client discovery questionnaire, and closing skills” (John Maxwell Certification Program, 2018).


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Welcome to Maxwell Leadership ®, where you will find all the leadership development tools and support you need to lead powerful, positive change through values-based leadership. If you’re ready to start or continue your journey to being the kind of leader others look up to, we’re here to help. Where Do You Want to Begin.


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He offers to guide you but in return expects you to acknowledge where you got your training from. 5. Showcase your down lines, mentees, or those you are trying to raise up. This will cause a ripple effect. Everyone appreciates being bragged about. So brag about your people. This is something everyone should learn.


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The 30-Day Growth Plan. Been looking for a way to jumpstart your personal growth? This is it. John Maxwell's 30-Day Growth Plan includes over 40 minutes of video instruction from John himself and a complete downloadable growth plan guide. Organized into three distinct areas, this plan is designed to help you answer three necessary questions:


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John Maxwell Presents - weekly blog posts and the latest news; Access to resources, events, and training opportunities; DVD Training Kits Video curriculum from John Maxwell. Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Learn Training Curriculum. Buy Now. The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth Training Curriculum.


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Maxwell Leadership Online Academy. Posted: (4 days ago) This online class with Dr. John C. Maxwell is an immersive experience into The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth and explo $699.00 USD Learn More Developing the Leader Within You A 5-week Mastery of the 15 Laws of Growth based on John Maxwell’s principle that a leader is not born, but made $597.00 USD Learn …


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Learn John C. Maxwell Courses. built on the training, principles, and syste $199.00 USD Learn More. Leadershift Online Course. 11 Essential Changes Every Leader Must Embrace. $395.00 Learn More. The Mentor’s Guide to Leading in Business is an audio collection from leadership expert, John C. Maxwell that p $199.00 Learn More.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the john maxwell training platform?

This platform is for certified Members of the John Maxwell Team who are licensed to speak, coach and train others using content, resources and materials from the #1 Leadership Expert in the world, Dr. John C. Maxwell.

What is john maxwell leadership certification?

John Maxwell was named the "#1 Most Influential Business Leader" by the American Business Association, and you'll benefit from a comprehensive curriculum that covers Leadership, Coaching, Speaking, and Entrepreneurship. With over 24,000 members in over 150 nations, we're the top leadership certification in the world. Join us!

What is the maxwell method?

The proven Maxwell Method provides all the knowledge, resources, training and support you would expect from the top leadership training and development company in the world. This advanced certification program contains 45+ years of influence and leadership know-how, from the heart of John Maxwell, that he ONLY teaches to his certified Team Members.

Who are john maxwell executives?

Checking their website, I noticed that they boldly Advertise “We have a team of John Maxwell Executives.” They have a training program that takes motor sales leaders through the John Maxwell Sales Leadership training. This is a business doing pretty well in Pretoria South Africa.

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