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Dr. Allyson Brooks named as new Board of Trustee for The Evergreen State College OLYMPIA – Governor Jay Inslee has appointed Dr. Allyson Brooks to the Board of Trustees for The Evergreen State College . Brooks’ term as a trustee began February 7, 2022 and runs through September 2026.

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More than a year into its search, Evergreen State -- a public liberal arts college in Olympia, Wash., that is seeking someone to serve as the seventh president in its 54-year history -- is left with no candidates. George Bridges, current president of the college, will retire in June.


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Ever-curious. Ever-evolving. We live in a world that’s interconnected and in a state of continuous change. Education should reflect that. At Evergreen, you have the freedom to chart your own course and forge a brighter future for yourself and the world. Learn More Don't miss these upcoming events Apr 28 Freshman Registration Opens May 11


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Student enrollment continues to collapse, reserves dissolve, and the highly paid administration is convinced they can sucker their "legislator friends" into subsidizing their failed education experiment, but the end of Evergreen is fast approaching TO RECEIVE THE LATEST NEWS FROM WE THE GOVERNED DELIVERED STRAIGHT TO YOUR INBOX – …

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Evergreen graduate Benjamin Boyce highlighted the latest enrollment numbers on Twitter: For old time followers, and @BretWeinstein & @HeatherEHeying fans—Evergreen undergrad enrollment has now sunk below 2,000, three years post-protests. Total enrollment, including graduate and its satellite campus, is at 2204.


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If you’ve read reports about the recent crisis at The Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington, they probably focused on white professor Bret Weinstein claiming that whites were “ordered” off campus, facing an unruly crowd of student protesters, leaving the campus in “fear,” and suing the college for $3.8 million.


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Evergreen accepts 97% of applications, but enrollment dropped to 2,854 full-time students last fall, compared to 3,810 the semester of the protests. Enrollment increased over the same period at other Washington universities. The story of Evergreen College was entirely ignored by most left leaning media powerhouses.


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Support We the Governed – MAKE A DONATION HERE. This is the second video we have produced about Evergreen College. It is no longer a question. We should just shut down this institution. Put it out of its misery and protect future students from wasting their lives or time by going to this campus. The “Diversity, Intersectionality, and Equity


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Evergreen is facing a $2.1 million budget shortfall due, in large part, to out-of-state prospective students going elsewhere. Consequently, layoffs are imminent, according to The College Fix. The


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In an email to faculty and staff sent Friday about 6:40 p.m., Evergreen officials wrote that the college will pay $450,000 to the couple and $50,000 toward the couple’s attorney fees. “In making


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The videos, made on the phones of Evergreen State students, were ubiquitous as the activities of the 200 or so protesters culminated in a literal shutdown of the college (Evergreen State suspended


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“This is a simple replay of Evergreen ’17,” Weinstein said, referring to the year in which he became targeted by a campus mob that patrolled campus with …


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But Evergreen’s enrollment started dropping after the end of the financial crisis. To be sure, many colleges are dealing with low enrollment because of declining birth rates that have resulted in fewer Americans of traditional college age. But at Evergreen, enrollment has dropped by 1,000 students since 2017, to about 2,900, indicating


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Evergreen junior Steve Coffman had attended a contentious May 23 meeting involving Bridges and the protesters and according to a complaint he filed with the bias team, had been told twice by other


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As Boyce explains, Evergreen has traditionally had an emergency fund which is refilled each year through summer school. But since the events of 2017 they have been drawing heavily on that fund. It has dropped from nearly $10 million dollars to around $5 million and is projected to continue to drop closer to $3 million by next year.


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But Evergreen faces a deeper, and more long-term threat. It is the only state four-year higher education institution to see enrollment drop steeply since 2011 despite wide-open admission standards.


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The Board of Trustees at The Evergreen State College received a wide-ranging update on the state of the four-year school on Monday, Jan. 31, 2022, including the latest on …


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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the evergreen state colleges internal chaos intertwined with falling enrollment?

The Evergreen State College’s internal chaos is now intertwined with falling enrollment. THE next few days are critical for the future of The Evergreen State College. The public state college near Olympia has become a national caricature of intolerant campus liberalism in both The New York Times and Fox News.

What is happening at evergreen university?

The drama unfolding at Evergreen quickly intersected with state and national efforts to constrain public colleges and universities. On May 31, State Representative Matt Manweller (political science professor at Central Washington University) submitted a “request for investigation” to the Washington State Human Rights Commission.

What is evergreen state college?

One year ago, this small, liberal arts college in Olympia, Washington was unknown to most of the country. Now it has achieved a kind of infamy, at least in higher education circles. It started when Evergreen State College staff decided to invert their annual “Day of Absence.”

Is there cancel culture at evergreen state college?

Cancel culture has existed in this country for years on college campuses. Nowhere was that more apparent than at Evergreen State College, where campus-wide riots arose in 2017 when a biology professor named Bret Weinstein found himself on the wrong side of the student body over questioning an allegedly optional event.

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