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How to get a job working in equine therapy?

Tips for Those Considering Starting an Equine Therapy Business

  • By Devin Morrissey. Horses are a special kind of animal. ...
  • Navigating the Legal Side of Things. From business, to therapy, to safety, there are many legal aspects and regulations of an equine therapy business that you’ll want to consider.
  • Pinpointing Your Client Base. ...
  • Renovations and Equipment. ...
  • Preparing Your Horses. ...
  • Highlighting Your Mission. ...

How do you become an equine therapist?

Shadow an animal physiologist so you can get hands-on experience.

  • Assess the horses.
  • Exercise the horses.
  • Manipulate and mobilize joints and soft tissue.
  • Prescribe an exercise or rehabilitation program.
  • Perform an ultrasound
  • Do laser therapy.
  • Explain the treatment plan to owners.

How to become an equine therapist?

Program Format

  • Courses and Projects Courses are delivered online through Canvas, an award-winning learning platform. ...
  • Residential Workshops Residential workshops provide an opportunity for intensive hands-on skill building and feedback. ...
  • Supervised Client Work You’ll complete the required 50 hours of supervised client work in your own community. ...

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What do you do in an equine therapy session?

  • This is an informal group support setting – you’re all in this together
  • Wait and listen for each person to speak
  • They will discuss and come up with realizations themselves, it’s not for you to point out – you just listen!
  • Allow about 10 minutes for this

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