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Stony Brook University (SBU) offers an online Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering degree requiring 128 credit hours. The program explores the concepts, protocols, and theories of electrical engineering. SBU offers certification and licensure prep for students who are ready to take their state exams.

Accreditation: ABET
Average Tuition: $31,877
Alumni Salary: $71,680
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Students can earn a BS in electrical engineering entirely online in 4-5 years. The degree qualifies enrollees to pursue a professional engineer …

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(480) 884-1525 In this online electrical engineering degree, you will develop engineering skills with a focus on the design of electric power systems, electronics, signal processing algorithms, antennas and semiconductor devices. You’ll be prepared for careers that pioneer new technologies in the energy sector, robotics, computing and beyond. Learn more

Phone: (480) 884-1525
Location: 1365 N. Scottsdale Rd., Skysong 200, 85257, Arizona


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Below are 19 colleges and universities with online electrical engineer degree programs: 1. American Public University The online Bachelor's in Engineering (BE) degree at American Public University (APU) is an affordable option you can use to earn your degree.


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Schools charge as little as $228-$399 per credit for an online bachelor's in electrical engineering, or a tuition total of $29,184-$49,476. …

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The length of time required to complete an electrical engineering online degree depends on your circumstances and how you enroll in courses. Based on a 16-week semester system with consistent fulltime enrollment, you should be able to …


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Apply Admission to the Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering Online program is now open for admission in Spring 2022. To be considered, please click “ Apply Here .” Application deadline for Spring 2022 is extended to November 15, 2021. Some of our courses are also available to non-matriculating students. Apply Here Course Schedule


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On average, that job pays about $67,550 per year. You could also be an aerospace engineering technician for an average yearly salary of $68,570. If you later get a bachelor’s degree, you would then be able to work as an engineer. Electrical engineers often earn six-figure salaries.


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Electrical engineering is a diverse field that embraces many specialty areas, which include: Analog and mixed signal Biomedical imaging, sensing and genomic signal processing Device science and nanotechnology Energy and power Electromagnetics and microwaves Information science and systems Degrees Online Master of Science in electrical engineering


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7. Siena Heights University. Siena Heights University offers online degrees and has a generous transfer policy for programs such as the accelerated electrical engineering degree. As one of the country’s top accelerated electrical engineering programs, SHU has been training engineers since 1975.


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The bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from American Military University (AMU) offers you a solid foundation in electrical engineering theories, practices, competencies, tools, ethics, and technologies. Coursework for this online electrical engineering degree prepares you for developing solutions to today’s technical and societal


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Program details. Most part-time students take an average of 3 to 5 years to complete the 45-unit requirement. You must complete a Master's degree within 5 years of starting the program. Note that while the majority of this degree can be completed online, this depends heavily on your program plan, area of focus, and the course offerings for any


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Directory of online electrical engineering degree programs at the bachelor, masters, doctoral and associate level. Degrees Online. www.degrees-online.com. Find an Electrical Engineering School Near You: Subject: Doing an academic degree


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The Best Online Bachelor's in Electrical Engineering Ranking Sort Schools By: #1 Clemson University College of Engineering, Computing, and Applied Sciences Clemson, South Carolina Share Program Score 99 Relative Cost #1 Best Online Engineering College #8 Best Value Online Engineering College Adult Friendly Online Experience Disability Friendly


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FIU’s online Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering offers students training in the areas of electronics and electromagnetism, nanotechnology, power and energy systems, communications, controls, bio-engineering and computers. The online program helps graduates become critical thinkers, creative problem solvers and life-long learners.


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Featured Online Schools Top Rankings of The Best Electrical Engineering Schools Methodology Collapse All Expand All #1 STONY BROOK UNIVERSITY #2 ARIZONA STATE UNIVERSITY #3 AMERICAN PUBLIC UNIVERSITY #4 UNIVERSITY OF NORTH DAKOTA #5 EXCELSIOR COLLEGE


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Its online Master's in Electrical Engineering degree requires a total of 30 credit hours across10 different classes. Areas of study include physical electronics and photonics, signal processing and communications, electromagnetics, and electronic and mixed-signal circuit design. See more details about the Master's program here 2.


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What is the best online school for electrical engineering?

Best Schools for Electrical Engineering in the United States

  • Stanford University. Any student pursuing a degree in electrical engineering needs to check out Stanford University. ...
  • Olin College. ...
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology. ...
  • Princeton University. ...
  • University of California - Berkeley. ...
  • Carnegie Mellon University. ...
  • Duke University. ...
  • Cornell University. ...
  • Washington University in St Louis. ...
  • Northwestern University. ...

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What can you do with a degree in Electrical Engineering?

What can you do with an electrical engineering degree?

  • Aerospace systems. You can use the knowledge from an electrical engineering degree to apply for jobs in the aerospace industry.
  • Automotive engineering. ...
  • Construction. ...
  • National defence. ...
  • Telecommunication. ...
  • Electronics. ...
  • Marine engineering. ...
  • Oil and gas. ...
  • Power generation. ...
  • Railway development. ...

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Is it possible to study electrical engineering online?

Those are the ONLY two online programs in Electrical engineering accredited by ABET. All other online programs in EE are not accredited by ABET and therefore not recognized by most orginizations as legitimate.

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