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At DAU, we provide training to help the warfighter get what they need, when they need it. Through certification training, the credential program, and other learning assets and job tools, we strive to increase the capabilities of the contracting workforce and the acquisition team.


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The seminar is designed for contractor specific methods cited on their orders. 2. Interpret Mil Std-129M Change 4 Marking Full review of manual and how to label correctly. Including placement, RFID, UID and other special marking requirements. 3. ASTM-D-3951 Commercial packaging 4. Select Materials for packaging Select cost effective materials. 5.


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3) Investigative Professionals Training - For those working in law enforcement and investigative agencies. 4) Contracting and Acquisition Training - For those working in the contracting and


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Training For Federal Employees Contracts & Acquisition Training Contracts and Acquisition Training Training Available Right Now for both Federal and Industry Our network of Customer Service Directors and Subject Matter Experts offer new and highly sought after acquisition training topics throughout the year.


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Trainings - DCMA Access Only A B C Contract Audit Follow-up (CAFU) 3.5 Allows DoD Agencies to track follow-up actions on DCAA audit findings. Contract Business Analysis Repository (CBAR) 1.7.3 CBAR 1.7.3 is an eTool that captures contract-related information about companies. Customer Oriented Reports (COR)


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Federal Government Contracting Training Courses Watson & Associates provides in-depth and high-level federal government contracting training courses for small businesses and large defense contractors seeking to improve their success in compliance, risk mitigation and ultimately becoming successful with government contracts.


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Cost Only on Request OC Helicopter PADI Heli-Scuba Course As a private military contractor, you would do well to take your diving to the next level with helo-inserts. With this training course, just hold on to your security blanket and prepare for the airborne lifestyle. It is not cheap or easy, but you are up to the task.


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All federal acquisition professionals who manage digital service contracts of $7 million or more are now required to earn a Federal Acquisition Certification in Contracting Core-Plus Specialization in Digital Services (FAC-C-DS). As a licensed provider, our 6-month DITAP program will get students the required certification along with 80 CLPs


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Training DAU Training Center DAU strives to provide each and every student the quality education the Defense Acquisition Workforce has come to expect from the university. Student surveys demonstrate an overwhelmingly positive experience at our training sites and in our online courses.


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Defense Cyber Investigations Training Academy (DCITA) The Academy develops and delivers current, relevant cyber training, accessible virtually anywhere and anytime, that prepares DoD personnel worldwide to successfully execute their mission. Defense Travel System (DTS) Offers comprehensive training for travel managers Joint Knowledge Online (JKO)


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Premier Knowledge Solutions offers DoD training solutions for each of the six workforce categories that have been defined by the DAIP. Feel free to learn more about any of these certifications by visiting the links below. IAT Level II CompTIA Security + IAM Level II ISC2 CISSP CompTIA CASP IASAE Level II ISC2 CISSP CompTIA CASP


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This interactive training explains security issues associated with unclassified government-provided and government-authorized mobile devices, as well as personal mobile devices used in a government setting. Orientation is an eLearning course designed to familiarize learners with the core tenets of the DoD CES personnel system. This course


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As a result of OS2 Corp training, clients using new techniques have reported achieving the highest standard quality ratings, reduced returns, and cost savings of more than 50 percent. Our training has been recommended by large and small defense contractors including Lockheed Martin, United Technologies, Teledyne, Harris, and others


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The training is available on five Learning Management Systems: 1. LMS - counts for credit and includes a certificate of completion. Click on the LMS links below to log in and complete the course. a. Air Force - My Learning. b. Joint Knowledge Online (JKO) c. Defense Acquisition University (DAU) - course number DOD 0020.


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Training Links. The links below will take you to eTutorials and downloadable step-by-step instructions on creating documents in iRAPT based on user roles. The number of available eTutorial instructions is indicated in the parentheses. Vendors (42) Group Administrator (GAM) (5) Inspectors (4) Acceptors (9) Contractor Property Shipper (2)


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The Private Military Contractor (PMC) training course is designed for all military and security specialists who are planning to operate in unstable and hostile zones of the world. The main aim of this course is to develop the necessary complex of skills including small group tactics, assault tactics, reconnaissance aspects, sites and convoy security, static security and patrolling, etc.


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About The Training Fee: $2,950 per person We offer special discounted rates to corporate groups of three people and more from the same company. The program fee covers tuition, books, case materials, meals and certification of completion. Other Seminars Learn How To use software Find All 155 Federal Customer In One Place Learn To Bid


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Frequently Asked Questions

What are DoD training courses?

Our DoD training courses are skill-based training courses aimed at any government personnel who come into contact with or administer secure government IT systems or intranet related services within federal government agencies or the Department of Defense.

What is the private military contractor training course?

The Private Military Contractor (PMC) training course is designed for all military and security specialists who are planning to operate in unstable and hostile zones around the world.

What types of training are available for contractors and contractors?

3) Investigative Professionals Training - For those working in law enforcement and investigative agencies. 4) Contracting and Acquisition Training - For those working in the contracting and acquisition community, including contracting officers and contracting officer representatives.

What are the different types of DoD Cor certifications?

FAC-COR & DoD-COR Certification Training Gain your FAC-COR Level I, II, or III certification — or your DoD-COR Type B or C certification — then broaden your horizons with contracting specialty courses on flexible acquisition techniques that align with the new, less rigid procurement policies.

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