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1st DSC is the highest ranked public state college in Florida according to U.S. News & World Report’s 2022 rankings for Best Online Bachelor’s Degree Programs. 50 Our students have expanded opportunities to learn outside the classroom with more than 50 student clubs and organizations to choose from. 1/2


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Online Courses Online courses are delivered 80 to100% online. Students access the course through the Internet via Daytona State's learning management system through Falcon Online. Students are charged an additional fee per credit hour. Students may obtain degrees/certificates with limited or no visitation to campus.

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Our online courses are affordable, fun, fast, convenient, and geared just for you. Courses offered through The Center for Business & Industry are non-credit. For college-credit courses go to Ready to explore our catalog? Browse our catalog or check out our Popular, New, and Featured Courses. Featured Courses


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Founded in 1996, Daytona College’s curriculum is geared to the needs of employers who have hired our graduates, and we use methods that encourage you to develop not only your skills, but also your professional image. Our objective is to offer you the education that prepares you for a …


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Face academic challenges as an online student Want to maximize the ability to learn in a distance-learning (online) format Learn more & enroll in the Online Success Seminar by the numbers 90.5% Students enroll in at least one distance learning course 2,500 Students enrolled in the Online Success Seminar 1


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The initial password is: Dsc (Capital D, lowercase s, lowercase c) + Your birthdate (in MMDDYY format) + The last five digits of your social security number.


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AML - English Language and Lit ANT - Anthropology APA - Accounting ARH - Art ARR - Automotive Collision ART - Art ASL - Foreign Lang (Sign Lang) AST - Astronomy BCA - Build Construct Appren BCH - Biochemistry BCN - Building Construction BCT - Building Construction BCV - Build Construct Voc BOT - Botany BSC - Biological Science BUL - …


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Self-Paced 3 Months Access Course Code: T8497 No Instructor, Start Anytime $115.00 USD Add to Cart Syllabus Lesson 1 - Introduction to the Living Processes The first lesson will introduce you to the fascinating subject of human anatomy and physiology.


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If you're a current student, you would login to your account and select "My Academics", then select "Enrollment Add Classes" and click the search button under "My Requirements" to view availability. If you are not currently admitted to the college, you can click "Course Search" from our main homepage (under the QuickLinks menu).


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(386) 506-4495

Online courses are also available in some program areas for students who meet specified criteria. For more information regarding any of the programs call (386) 506-4495. In compliance with state law, students must pay tuition of $30 per semester for Florida residents and non-Florida residents. This will cover all classes during a semester.


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Welcome to the online learning component of the Daytona State College's Institute for Health Services! We understand that in today’s busy world, it can be difficult to arrange schedules to permit a live class experience. To meet this need, we offer a selection of interactive courses that you can take entirely over the Internet.


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Hybrid Courses are a combination of on-campus and online delivery. Lecture time may vary from 30% to 79% of the hours needed to complete the course. The remaining hours devoted to the course are delivered through the internet via Daytona State's learning management system, Falcon Online. Depending on the percentage of online activity, students


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(Prerequisite: Appropriate placement scores, successful completion of college prep course or qualified developmental exemption or passed MAC 2312/2312L with grade "C" or better or permission of chairperson). This course will help satisfy the graduation requirements of the Associate of Arts (A.A.) degree. Credits 4 Enrollment Requirements


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Daytona State College offers 103 major programs for degree granting/certificate programs. Of that, the distance learning opportunity (online degrees/courses) is given to 15 major programs - 1 Certificate, 5 Associate, and 4 Bachelors.The 2022 tuition & fees are $3,106 for Florida residents and $11,994 for out-of-state students.


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2020 -2021. PDF Catalog - Facts about the College; Bachelor's Degree Information; Engineering Technology Degrees; Admission, Academic Advising and Registration; Financial Information, Student Services, Academic Information and Graduation Requirements, Program Description and Guides.. 2019 -2020. PDF Catalog - Facts about the College; …


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Program Information BS Degree - Code 650000 - Catalog 2021/2022. Max Nagiel, Chair, 386-506-3829, [email protected] Jackson Musyimi, Assistant Chair, 386-506-3261, [email protected] Program Mission, Description, and Outcomes


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(386) 506-3000 College On Your Schedule (386) 506-3000 Courses *Online courses have an additional fee of $20.00 per credit hour. **Some online courses have on-campus assessments. Read the comments carefully. Daytona State College 1200 W. International Speedway Blvd., Daytona Beach, Florida 32114 (386) 506-3000.


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Frequently Asked Questions

When do classes begin at daytona state college?

Daytona State College classes are offered year-round, offering flexibility to take advantage of the Epic-DSC college program. There are three semesters: Fall, Spring, and Summer. Many courses last a full semester of 16 weeks. However, many are condensed into 8-week classes, allowing you to take more classes and finish sooner.

What degree will i earn at daytona state college?

• Daytona State offers 12 bachelor's degrees in accounting, business, education, nursing, engineering technology and information technology • Our bachelor's degrees follow the 2+2 model, meaning you first earn your two-year associate degree, followed by two years of bachelor's degree studies.

What are the benefits of taking online college courses?

What Are the Benefits of Taking University Classes Online?

  • Flexibility that Matters. One of the most popular reasons for choosing an online pathway is because of the flexibility it offers.
  • Study from Anywhere. For some students, the thought of staying in one place for four years is unbearable. ...
  • Paying for What You Need. ...
  • Setting Your Own Pace. ...
  • Personalized Attention. ...

What classes can i take online?

  • Coursera offers free online courses, many of them led by top colleges or companies like Google.
  • Learners can access all course materials and there's a small fee for a certificate of completion.
  • Coursera's online classes span a range of topics, from public health to resume writing.

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