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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get certified for CoolSculpting?

  • Higher efficacy in permanent fat reduction
  • Minimal to no pain or downtime
  • Effective for circumference reduction
  • Effective for localized bulge reduction
  • Non-surgical and non-invasive

How to get CoolSculpting certified?

The best place for CoolSculpting or the highest trained providers should also have a certification from CoolSculpting University, Clinical Masters. It’s an MBA level program [aka more advanced] – including an additional three-day hands-on training. CoolSculpting University, Clinical Masters is the highest level of training or certification ...

Which is better, CoolSculpting or emsculpt?

The findings include:¹ ²

  • On average, muscle mass increased by 16% within 1 month after treatment
  • The increase in muscle mass improved to 18% within 6 months after treatment
  • On average, fat was reduced by 19% within 1 month after treatment
  • The reduction in fat improved to 23% within 6 months after treatment

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Should I get CoolSculpting or Cavi?

We consider Cavi-Lipo to be superior to Coolsculpting for the following reasons: Yes, both treatments boast less pain, risks, side-effects, downtime and recovery than surgery. However, Ultrasonic Cavitation is much more gentle and is associated with fewer side effects than Coolsculpting.

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