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The more transferable college courses you complete with Straighterline SM, the more you can potentially save on the cost your degree. Once you’ve completed your courses, you have the option to enroll in one of their 50+ accredited partner colleges to finish your third and fourth year courses and complete your degree. [iii]

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Today, CLTCC general education courses are transferable to any public Louisiana college or university. Click on the link below to view the Louisiana Board of Regents Articulation Matrix for more details on courses you can transfer from CLTCC to another state college or university.


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All transferable courses must have a grade of C- or higher in order to receive Saint Mary’s College transfer credit. All transferable coursework meeting a specific degree requirement must transfer as .77 credits or higher with the exception of laboratory credit.


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Transferable Credit Courses - Online Classes with Videos 3 days ago Transferable Credit Courses.Earn college credit that you can transfer to over 2,000 colleges and's courses help you earn …. Courses 235 View detail Preview site


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ANT 101 - General Anthropology - 3 Credits ART 101 - History and Appreciation of Art - 3 Credits ART 105 - Film as Art - 3 Credits AST 101 - Solar System Astronomy - 4 Credits AST 102 - Stellar Astronomy - 4 Credits BIO 101 - Biological Science I - 4 Credits BIO 102 - Biological Science II - 4 Credits BIO 210 - Anatomy and Physiology I - 4 Credits


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Show advanced search options. Scan millions of course credit equivalency guides published by the best transfer colleges and universities. Major or Program: (For example: Accounting, Psychology) Find exact match by Major or Program. Course Prefix: (For example: ACC 100 - Course Prefix is ACC)


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The official course transfer and articulation system for California’s public colleges and universities . and counselors work together to establish an appropriate path toward transferring from a public California community college to a public California university. Important Notes from ASSIST. Coming Soon: Academic Year 2022-2023


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Two basic principles are involved in determining whether a community college course is transferable to UC: The course should be comparable to one offered at the lower-division level at a UC campus. If the course is not equivalent to a particular UC course, it must be appropriate for a university degree in terms of purpose, scope and depth.


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Maximize your transfer opportunities to save time and money and earn your degree faster. Get started by entering your courses and exams into our transfer credit app. Then find out and compare how they will be accepted for credit at other colleges and universities. You can even save your results for future reference. It’s that simple! Get Started


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Transfer Courses For Reading & Composition (by Institution) This page is intended to assist transfer applicants from outside of the California Community College (CCC) system to find currently articulated courses from non-CCC institutions for …


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All Courses Transferable Credit Courses Earn college credit that you can transfer to over 2,000 colleges and universities.'s courses help …


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Transferable Courses. Students who have attended another college or university and want to transfer to CSULB can determine which course credit will transfer by reviewing the information below. Accredited institution and out-of-state community-college course work will be evaluated on a course-by-course basis. Credit will be given to courses


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Transferable Courses CSULB accepts only 70 transferable semester (105 quarter) units from community colleges, and 94 semester (141 quarter) units from other four-year accredited institutions toward the completion of your degree. Regionally Accredited Four-Year Institutions CSULB has articulation agreements with the CCCs, some CSU's and UC's.


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Students who successfully complete courses from the Universally Transferable Course list can transfer those credits to any of the participating colleges and universities. Search Quick Links for Students Search for Course Equivalencies Search for Exam Equivalencies Search for Transfer Agreements Search for Courses


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If you have your eye on a particular campus, then good news: six UC campuses offer our Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG) program. When we say guarantee, we mean guarantee. You submit a separate TAG application to your chosen campus, and if you meet the course and GPA requirements, then you’re in. You have a 100% guaranteed place in your


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The following STC academic courses are transferable in accordance to the Texas Common Course Numbering System. Four-year institutions determine which courses will be required for degrees at their institution. College Algebra: 4: MATH 1442: Elementary Statistical Methods: 4: MATH 2305: Discrete Mathematics: 3: MATH 2412: Pre-Calculus Math: 4


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One of the first steps in understanding how college course credits are transferred is looking into articulation agreements, commonly known as transfer agreements, between different schools. Many schools openly advertise and share these agreements to help draw in students. These agreements outline what courses and programs are easily transferred


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How to tell if your college credits are transferable?

The answer depends on a few things:

  • the school and program you previously attended
  • what classes you took
  • where you’d like to go to school now
  • what you want to study

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