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Frequently Asked Questions

When does school start and end?

When start dates were staggered by school or grade level, we used a date range. All told, 124 of the districts in our sample (representing 29% of students) are starting school between Aug. 12 and Aug. 16, making it the most popular start week. Another 74 districts (with 14% of students) went back earlier this summer; 93 (19% of students) will ...

When will school open?

To be eligible to attend Kindergarten in September of 2022, your child must turn five on or before Oct. 15, 2022. If you do not have a child eligible to enter Kindergarten this fall, please pass this information on to a neighbor. Call the Mitchell School office at 207-439-1707 to set up a virtual registration appointment.

What day does school end this year?

LANSDALE — The North Penn School District is losing its leader at the end of the school year. District Superintendent Curt Dietrich ... with the greatest of intentions and expertise until my final day.” Dietrich arrived in North Penn in 2006 as ...

When is school gonna end?

When 51 Western New York school superintendents signed recent letters calling on Hochul to provide clear guidance on how and when the mask mandate will end ... we’re going to be in a ...

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