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Show advanced search options. Scan millions of course credit equivalency guides published by the best transfer colleges and universities. Major or Program: (For example: Accounting, Psychology) Find exact match by Major or Program. Course Prefix: (For example: ACC 100 - Course Prefix is ACC)


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The following list of courses can be used to help determine equivalent courses between West Valley and Mission Colleges for the 2022-2023 academic year. A course successfully completed at Mission College can be used to meet one of the following requirements at West Valley College (and vice versa): Major requirements for AA or AS degrees


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Credit by Examination (CBE) - This link can be used to determine what equivalencies have been granted to particular ALEKS, AP, CLEP, DSST, and Excelsior examinations. The list also includes the minimum passing score provided by each institution.


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Search for Course Equivalencies Student "Please enter either a Transfer TO or a Transfer FROM College.","InvalidSourceCollege":"It appears that you tried to enter a Source Institution but did not select a specific institution. Students who successfully complete courses from the Universally Transferable Course list can transfer those


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2103 DUAL ENROLLMENT COURSE EQUIVALENCY LIST HCC COLLEGE CREDIT COURSES THAT MEET HIGH SCHOOL SUBJECT AREA REQUIREMENTS 2020-2021 This list should not be interpreted as the total number of dual enrollment courses available. Current law allows for any course in the Statewide Course Numbering System,


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Listed below are abbreviations you will see if a course does not have a direct CU equivalency: NCT 0001 = Not College Transferable ELEC 0001 = Free elective credit 1999, 2999, 3999 or 4999 = Subject area elective For more information visit the TCEL information page.


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Course Equivalencies Each campus maintains a website to help determine how courses completed at other institutions will transfer to a particular campus. Appalachian State


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The official course transfer and articulation system for California’s public colleges and universities . and counselors work together to establish an appropriate path toward transferring from a public California community college to a public California university. Important Notes from ASSIST. Coming Soon: Academic Year 2022-2023


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Note: The course equivalency database is meant to assist with transfer planning but the information presented here is subject to change and is not a guarantee of acceptance or transferability. Please see your academic program advisor for official equivalency and transfer information. Special notes for: Nursing courses Computer Science courses.


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View other years. The Texas Common Course Numbering System (TCCNS) is a voluntary, co-operative effort among 139 Texas community colleges and universities to facilitate transfer of freshman and sophomore level general academic coursework. TCCNS provides a shared, uniform set of course designations for students and their advisors to use in


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The Defense Acquisition University (DAU) provides the opportunity for other organizations (colleges and universities, DoD schools, other federal agencies, commercial vendors, and professional societies) to offer courses, programs or certifications which DAU will accept as equivalent to one or more DAU courses if, upon evaluation of the organization's materials …


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Undergraduates Academic Information Physics Courses Course Equivalency List Refer to the list below for courses approved for equivalency at UC Davis within the past 5 years. To request an equivalency, follow the instructions provided on this form. Course Equivalency Requests


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Course equivalency tables provide course equivalencies from colleges and universities across the US. Courses without an exact UT Knoxville equivalent may also transfer with the designated LD (lower division course credit) and UD (upper division course credit).


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Course equivalencies are continuously under development and course credit is not guaranteed. If you have taken courses for which no equivalencies are defined, we will evaluate your transcripts during the official review of your complete admissions application. Select transfer courses listed only receive credit based on departmental qualification.


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2021-2022 Dual Enrollment Course- High School Subject Area Equivalency List . This list should not be interpreted as a complete list of the dual enrollment courses available. ENC X 107 Advanced College Writing 1.0 ENC X 122 Freshman Composition II: Honors 1.0 . Course Number Course Title H.S. Credit GE Core Subject Area ENC X 133 Library


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Transfer Equivalency Guides by Major The guides below are a reference for students who have attended other colleges and universities. The courses listed in each guide are not requirements for admission to the University of Houston. Instead, they show how courses taken at other colleges or universities would transfer to UH as credit.


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Transfer Guides & Course Equivalencies. The following links will take you to online equivalency guides provided by the transfer institution. This will allow you to check how your GRCC courses will transfer and learn more about your transfer school. If your transfer institution does not provide an online transfer equivalency guide, contact our


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How to find equivalent college courses?

How To Find Equivalent College Courses. 10 Popular Schools. Step 1: Locate course equivalency lists. Step 2: Perform an equivalency search if available. Step 3: Submit courses for evaluation. Step 4: Provide information for credit evaluation. Step 5: Contact departments about equivalencies. Read rest of the answer.

How to request a course equivalency?

What can you do with the course equivalency system?

  • Search the database for past course equivalency decisions
  • Submit new course equivalency requests for review
  • Request a reassessment of expired course equivalency decisions
  • Receive automated notifications on the status of their request

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What does course equivalency mean?

Course equivalency is the term used in higher education describing how a course offered by one college or university relates to a course offered by another. If a course is viewed as equal or more challenging in subject and course material than the course offered by the receiving college or university, the course can be noted as an equivalent course.

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