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What colleges are free to apply?

  • Graduate from a North Carolina high school in 2021 or 2020
  • Be a North Carolina resident for tuition purposes
  • Be a first-time college student [Career & College Promise (CCP) and Early/Middle College High School students are eligible]
  • Enroll in a curriculum program during the Spring 2022 academic year
  • Enroll in at least six credit hours per semester

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How to fill out a college application form?

The tips below can help you fill in Generic College Application quickly and easily:

  • Open the form in the full-fledged online editor by clicking Get form.
  • Fill out the necessary fields which are marked in yellow.
  • Press the green arrow with the inscription Next to move from field to field.
  • Use the e-autograph solution to put an electronic signature on the template.
  • Put the relevant date.

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How to make a free printable resume with a form?

  • Write out a bulleted list of your accomplishments
  • Use interesting action verbs to start each bullet
  • Add numbers to any bullet points you can to show your positive impact on the job

Where can I apply to college for free?

You can find completely free college in Europe if you go to one of the following countries:

  • Germany
  • Iceland
  • Norway

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