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What are Ohio’s best Catholic Online Colleges?

Walsh University is considered among Ohio’s best Catholic online colleges offering five graduate degrees through the school’s digital campus, some of which are accelerated degrees. The Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree online with four available concentrations in data analytics, healthcare administration, marketing, and management.

What are the best online Catholic college master’s programs?

These graduate programs from the best online Catholic College include degrees from the world of business, education, health science, pharmacy, and nursing. Many of Duquesne University’s master’s degree programs online are offered asynchronously and synchronously.

What are the best online high schools for Christian students?

Alpha Omega Academy is one of the top-ranked Christian high schools available to online students. Students may choose to pursue either the High School Diploma Track or the College Prep Track. Each requires the student to complete 21 credits from a long list of interesting classes.

Why online for Catholic high school students?

Our online learning solutions for Catholic high schools offer academically rigorous courses with resources and tools to help students graduate ready for what’s next. In each Catholic Virtual high school program, students have the opportunity to own their education. All students:

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