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What is the course the Great Courses plus?

This lecture is part of a course from The Great Courses called Great Utopian and Dystopian Works of Literature taught by Professor Pamela Bedore, Ph.D.. This course and over 300 other courses can be accessed with a subscription to The Great Courses Plus.

How many devices can you stream on the Great Courses plus?

An account with The Great Courses Plus can be logged in to ten unique devices and allows for up to five simultaneous streams. The Final Verdict – Is the Great Course Plus Worth It?

How do I get Great Courses for free?

You don’t need to wait for Great Courses sale or a Great Courses coupon or special code. You can get Great Courses free by starting your free 14 day trial now to check out the courses before you commit to these online classes for kids. How long is the Great Courses Plus free trial? The Great Courses Plus is a free 14 day trial.

Are the Great Courses plus videos suitable for kids?

Most videos are pretty G-rated, but it's worth watching them with your kids to ensure the subject matter is appropriate. Parents need to know that The Great Courses Plus is a collection of several hundred video lectures from university professors from around the world.

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