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121 results for "business law" European Business Law Lund University Specialization 4.8(1,571) 52k students Beginner Corporate & Commercial Law I: Contracts & Employment Law University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Course 4.8(930) 31k students Intermediate Intellectual Property Law University of Pennsylvania Specialization 4.8(949) 25k students


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CS50 for Lawyers This course is a variant of Harvard University's introduction to computer science, CS50, designed especially for lawyers (and law Free* 10 weeks long Available now …


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Business and Commercial Law Courses Antitrust Law (2-3 credits) Prerequisites: None A study of judicial decisions construing and applying the federal antitrust laws ( i.e., Sherman, Clayton, Robinson-Patman, and Federal Trade Commission Acts) to the control of the competitive process in the American economy. Bankruptcy (3 credits)


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The Basics of Business Law Course - eCornell Course Overview Presented by five legal experts with deep knowledge and experience in both academia and the corporate space, this course introduces you to a range of topics that serve as a foundation for dealing with legal matters in business.


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This Udemy business law course is taught by Stephen L. Kane, is Stanford University student and Founder & CEO of FairClaims. Mr. Kane is an Attorney offering his services from small businesses to start-ups. He provides legal workshops at the General Assembly, where he teaches a workshop called Essentials of Start-Up Law. Key Highlights & …


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Chapter 1 Practice Test Practice test: The U.S. Constitution & Business Ch 2. The Basics of Contract Law Ch 3. Legal Requirements to Form a Contract Ch 4. Third Party Rights in Contracts Ch 5.


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In these courses, you’ll learn how to: Explain the structure and functions of the U.S. legal system Apply the principles of business ethics to business situations Apply the legal elements and defenses for crimes, intentional torts, negligence and strict liability to factual scenarios Apply the basic principles of common law to relevant contracts


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Many courses in business law fall under continuing education for attorneys or are taken as part of a J.D. (Juris Doctor) or L.L.M. (Master of Laws) programs. Other online business law courses are aimed at students pursuing an undergraduate degree, most commonly a Bachelor of Science in Law or a paralegal associate's degree.


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Business Law (BUSI) Course Descriptions Courses in Business Law (BUSI) 1301/BUSI 1301 Introduction to Business (3-0). Fundamental principles of business organization, ownership, operation, and control. Helpful to beginning students in selecting a major program of study. 2301/BUSI 2301 Legal and Ethical Environment of Business (3-0).


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The following is a list of related courses which are highly relevant to students interested in the program of study in business law. Complex Civil Litigation Cybersecurity and Data Protection Employee Benefits Law Employment Discrimination Law Eviction Clinic Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Labor and Employment Law Land Use Planning


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Browse the latest online law courses from Harvard University, including "CS50 for Lawyers" and "Computer Science for Lawyers." Start-ups from the Perspective of Business and IP Law. This course covers the intersection between start-ups, entrepreneurship, and intellectual property (IP) law. $3,500. Starts . Jun 22.


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The law of agency, various forms of business organizations including general and limited partnerships, corporations, and LLCs, as well as bankruptcy, real property, insurance, wills, trusts and estates, and accountants' liability are discussed. Course #: BSLW1022. Semester: Spring 2022. Credits: 3.


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For example, a law agency might exist to assist companies solely with mental property wants. Another firm would possibly help a business arrange a company entity and file the appropriate paperwork with the state. One of essentially the most influential paperwork for business operations is the Uniform Commercial Code. It’s a mannequin code that outlines […]


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In the business law degree concentration program, you’ll gain the knowledge and tools necessary to analyze legal issues faced by businesses. You’ll take courses about the legal system, ethical issues, regulatory agencies, intellectual property and more. The rigorous business law coursework also covers topics like argumentation, justice


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Courses in Negotiation can be helpful regarding both analytics and transactions, in addition to being directly valuable. Students interested in Law and Business should also consider the joint JD/MBA program with Harvard Business School. Academic Offerings Advising Faculty Associated Areas of the Law Clinical Programs and Pro Bono Fellowships


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Business Law Courses, Subjects and Syllabus 4.1 Master of Laws in Business and Corporate Law 4.2 Master of Arts in Business Law 4.3 Master of Business Administration in Business Law: 4.4 Post Graduate Diploma Courses in Business Law Top Colleges offering Business Law Courses Frequently Asked Questions for Business Law


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The first of four courses begins with a look at foundational legal concepts, including business structures and the legal responsibilities of corporate directors and officers.The second course examines how contracts and business agreements are ideally structured.


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How to learn the fundamentals of business law?

Understanding Basic Business Principles

  1. Cash. Cash generation is the difference between all the cash that flows in the business and the cash that flows out.
  2. Return on assets (combination of margin and velocity) An entrepreneur uses either his own money or someone else’s money to invest in the business. ...
  3. Growth. Growth is vital to every business. ...
  4. Customers. ...

What are the requirements for a business law degree?

Course Requirements

  1. Common Lower Division Business Core (27-28 units) * MATH 103 or a higher-level mathematics course (e.g., Calculus: MATH 150A or MATH 255A ) must be completed with a grade ...
  2. Common Upper Division Business Core (19 units)
  3. Upper Division Required Courses for the Option in Business Law (24 units) ECON 365 or 411 may be taken for 3 of the units. ...

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What are the best business courses?

These are the most popular LinkedIn courses for business leaders

  • LinkedIn has released the top-15 list of training courses chosen by business leaders and managers.
  • Coaching skills, communication around diversity and dealing with hybrid working environments were prominent themes.
  • Investing in reskilling is vital to prevent a mismatch between jobs and the skills they require.

What is a masters in business law?

Masters of Business Law (M.B.L) is a post-graduate civil law program that offers knowledge about the commercial elements of law and along with essential business skills. The main aim of the program is to familiarise students with the various aspects of civil law.

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