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Learning Spanish with the free lessons created by Maria on the YouTube channel Maria Español is simple. From Spanish grammar to new vocabulary and expressions, you will be guided through new topics from these free lessons to improve your Spanish skills. Speak Spanish Faster


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The world's most popular way to learn Spanish online Learn Spanish in just 5 minutes a day with our game-like lessons. Whether you’re a beginner starting with the basics or looking to practice your reading, writing, and speaking, Duolingo is scientifically proven to work. Bite-sized Spanish lessons. Fun, effective, and 100% free.


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Lengalia is an online European Spanish course website with a placement test that incorporates reading, listening and grammar comprehension. It takes about 30 minutes to complete the test, and spans from beginner to advanced. Even if you’ve only studied Latin American Spanish, you should be able to pass European Spanish tests, too. 3. Cervantes

Estimated Reading Time: 7 mins


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The 11 Best Free Online Spanish Courses Duolingo edX Live Lingua Lengalia Coursera FluentU Learn Practical Spanish Online The Spanish Experiment University of Texas Alison Duolingo Duolingo is a free language-learning app that teaches more than 35 languages, including Spanish.

Estimated Reading Time: 8 mins


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If you are wondering what is the best way to learn Spanish free of charge, you are in the right place. Meet Mondly, the language app helping millions of people worldwide learn Spanish online through free daily lessons. Using rapid language learning techniques, Mondly will teach you the Spanish language quickly, effectively and in a fun way.

Estimated Reading Time: 8 mins


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Busuu is among the best applications for learning Spanish and very close to Duolingo. It is a combination of self-study and classroom learning with several other learners. The learning materials are of high quality and excellent structure, although there is a limited offer of lessons, especially if you are using it for free.


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Start with an easy and free online course! We have adopted an objective and efficient approach to learn how to speak a language easily and quickly: we suggest you to start by memorizing words, phrases and practical expressions that you can use in everyday life and that will be useful when traveling.


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Baselang is an online Spanish program based in Medellin, Colombia. Offering unlimited one-on-one Spanish lessons for roughly $149 per month, Baselang has two different methods: Grammarless and Real World.


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Here's a list of easier free Spanish games that will help you learn basic vocabulary, numbers, colors, and basic phrases. Speed Balls. Translation Games: These Spanish learning games begin with a lesson that teaches you simple Spanish words then you use those words and their English translations in games like Whack-a-Word and Hangman.


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Summary: Glossika’s one of the most unique and powerful learning tools available for Spanish. It advertises that learners will be able to speak the language better and quicker by using the latest in smart technology and adaptive learning. It uses a learning algorithm and has structured content.


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The best thing about Duolingo is that it is free – which makes all courses and content readily accessible to all learners. The paid-for version, Duolingo Plus – charged at a reasonable $12.99 per month – is an ad-free experience and handy for users who work offline regularly. Read our Duolingo Spanish review.


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Bitesize Spanish lessons – We created this series of free video lessons for beginners. It’s taught with passion and enthusiasm by Jesús and Rocío, experienced tutors from Madrid. Ver Taal – This free site is one of our favourites. It is packed with grammar, listening and vocabulary exercises for all levels.


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L-Ceps is a multi-language learning platform, and offers free resource to learn basics of Spanish language. The course is divided into 10 lessons. These lessons include translation of words/phrases, based on topics such as introduction, numbers, family, food, months, etc. The translation is available in the form of audio as well. Home Page


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Learn Spanish (Duolingo) This famous language learning app will help you to learn Spanish in just 5 minutes a day. Complete the game like lessons and get one step closer to becoming fluent in the language. The good thing is that no prior experience is required to start the lessons as all the topics are covered from scratch.


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This is where Spanish Hackers steps in. We did all the research for you! We put together a list of the best FREE language sites to help you successfully learn Spanish. 1. Spanishpod101 Spanishpod101 is the ultimate learning hub for everything related to learning Spanish. The site and app is most well known for it's premium (paid) podcast lessons.


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11) TopSpanish. is an online website that offers you with a dedicated team and one-on-one lessons. They have different plans to choose from and you can either join their regular classes to get proficiency over Spanish language or book a one-on-one tutor to help you polish your skills over Spanish.


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This free online Spanish course breaks down each stage of learning (beginner, advanced etc.) into a series of tasks. Each task contains videos, grammar, vocabulary, phrases, and a podcast. There is a lot of variety here, however the course lacks exercises and quizzes to test your knowledge. No Comprendo – Beginner Course


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What are the best free online spanish courses?

The site has seven comprehensive classes including:

  • FSI Spanish Primer for Secretaries
  • FSI Spanish Basic Course, Volumes 1 through 4
  • FSI Spanish Headstarts for Puerto Rico, Spain and Latin America

What is the best way to learn spanish online?

  • Reviews Rocket Languages Learn Spanish Courses Rosetta Stone Learn Spanish Courses Babbel Learn Spanish Courses Pimsleur Learn Spanish Courses Yabla The Authentic Way to Study Spanish
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  • What Is It
  • What Features to Compare
  • How to

What are the best programs for learning spanish?

The following concepts are typically taught in an online Spanish class:

  • Basic vocabulary
  • Grammar
  • Pronunciation
  • Conversational words (for example, how to greet people, make small talk, make requests, and be polite when doing so)
  • Expressions from different Spanish-speaking regions
  • Writing

How to find the best online spanish classes?

Tier 2 – Spanish courses that are quite good

  • Babbel. Okay all-around but nothing special. ...
  • Memrise. Best for learning vocabulary. ...
  • SpanishPod101. Best for improving listening comprehension. ...
  • Speechling. Best for improving pronunciation. ...
  • edX and Coursera. Good for lessons from universities. ...
  • Duolingo. Good for getting users to stay motivated. ...
  • Foreign Service Institute. ...
  • Fluenz. ...
  • Lengalia. ...
  • Lingoda. ...

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