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Course Descriptions - Bellevue College - Acalog ACMS™ Apr 27, 2022 Accounting ACCT 101 - Practical Accounting I • ACCT 102 - Practical Accounting II • ACCT 135 - Business Payroll Tax Accounting ACCT 146 - 10-Key • ACCT 160 - Washington State: Tax and Audit • ACCT 172 - Small Business Computerized Accounting


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Use of performance classes in the distribution area of the Arts & Science transfer degree is limited to 5 credits. • ART 101 - Modern Architecture and Design • ART 103 - American Art and Architecture • ART 105 - Art Appreciation • ART 108 - Introduction to Hand and Power Tools • ART 110* - Two-Dimensional Design • ART 111 - Design Color


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For Bellevue College classes, visit the Class Schedule Winter Quarter Instruction All Winter Quarter classes will start online and most will continue remotely through Jan 28. We plan to return to in-person, hybrid and online classes in Feb. The class schedule lists the class format (online, on campus, or hybrid).


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Course Catalog Current Course Catalog (online) Starting with the 2018-19 academic year, current and archived catalogs are available at Course Catalog Archives Download PDF versions of previous Course Catalogs. 2017-2018 [7.5 MB] 2016-2017 [12.2 MB] 2015-2016 [11.8 MB] 2014-2015 [11.7 MB] 2013-2014 [5.94 MB]


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Course Descriptions BC presently offers twenty six courses in Philosophy. These courses are as rigorous as those found at some of the best baccalaureate institutions. The emphasis in most of the Philosophy courses is on the reading, comprehension, and critical assessment of primary texts and contemporary discussions. Read Course Descriptions


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Course Descriptions If you attended college before 1994 or in a different country, please submit course descriptions. You can provide a web link or upload documents here. The course descriptions must be from the year you took the classes. To submit course descriptions, please log in with your BC NetID. Do you need help logging in?


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This course introduces students to basic medical office procedures, including patient scheduling, written and oral communication, telecommunications, medical records management, and daily financial practices. Prerequisite: Placement by assessment into ENGL&101, or completion of ENGL 092 or 093 with a C or better.


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In addition to transfer associate degrees and career-focused associate degrees and certificates, BC offers 12 bachelor’s degrees in high-demand fields. Our programs combine traditional teaching methods with a practical hands-on, project-based component, providing students with real-world knowledge and experience to be job-ready.


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Course Descriptions For a current listing of scheduled Interior Design courses, visit the schedule of classes. To view a complete listing of Interior Design courses visit the most recent course catalog. Last Updated August 25, 2015


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Course Descriptions METR 101: Introduction to The Weather – 5 credits Introduces the study of the weather, including atmospheric properties and processes that control temperature, wind, precipitation, and storm systems. Students also discuss weather forecasting, air pollution, and climate change. Format may include field trips and guest lectures.


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Course Descriptions Quarterly credit schedules are available in advance to help students plan class schedules and include days, times, locations and instructors for each class being offered. & = Common Course Identifier Business Technology Systems • BTS 289 - Emerging Web Development Technologies • BTS 293 - Professional Skills


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Course Outcomes Self-assess one’s own communication behaviors and effects Explain and demonstrate active listening and communication competence Evaluate the types of language and nonverbal communication that promote effective communication within the business and technology fields


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Course Outcomes Describe the basic sociological theories and approaches to social movements and activism. Explain the general dynamics of social movements including organizational strategies, resource mobilization, and collective identity. Discuss the role of art, literature, music, and/or popular culture in activism.


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Course Outcomes Describe the composition of a dancer’s line and form and apply correct body alignment and posture to ballet technique. Perform fundamental ballet conditioning exercises. Identify basic ballet movements using French terminology Illustrate how a system of practice exercises at the barre prepares dancers for proper ballet technique.


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The 092/093 section in a combination course consists of 10 students who will: Get clarification on 101 assignments, discussions, readings Deepen understanding of 101 readings through additional readings, vocabulary activities and assignments Brainstorm topics for 101 papers Receive and provide extra peer critique for 101 papers


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ENGL 106 Critical Reading in the Humanities • 5 CR. Course focuses on developing higher level cognitive skills: critical reading and questioning of a wide selection of materials-philosophy, education, religion, literature, culture-to examine ways of knowing and thinking, engaging in thoughtful dialogue with peers (via seminars or class/group discussions) on college level …


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Course Descriptions Japan Week 2021 at Bellevue College Course Descriptions JAPN& 121 Japanese I • 5 Cr. Develops beginning-level listening and conversation skills along with reading and writing hiragana and katakana characters. Some relevant aspects of Japanese culture are introduced. JAPN& 122 Japanese II • 5 Cr. Continues JAPN& 121.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What telos classes are offered at bellevue college?

The Bellevue College Continuing Education TELOS Program provides a wide variety of classes from diverse areas of study. Some of the most popular categories include topics on Arts, Creative Writing, Current Events, Geology, Health and Well-Being, History, Literature, Psychology, Philosophy, Religion, Science and Technology.

What is bellevue college known for?

As Washington state’s largest open-admission institution of higher learning, Bellevue College (BC) welcomes students of all ages and backgrounds into our diverse, inclusive learning community. BC is the college of choice for nearly 30,000 students annually, including more than 1,300 international students from over 57 countries.

Is bellevue university accredited by the higher learning commission?

Bellevue University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission ( ). The academic catalogs are available online. Please select the catalog you want to review below.

What are the prerequisites for bellevue university student athletes?

Prerequisite: Current Bellevue University Student-Athlete. This course is designed to assist in the development of individual characteristics and competitive tactics associated with team success. An additional focus is placed on career goals and paths. Prerequisites: HHP 119, HHP 120, and HHP 121

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