Who are the agents in remax? - (FAQ)

ANSWER: RE/MAX ® Agent Search. 1 60,969 Agents Found. sort by. 2 Jessica Ulloa. 3 Eva Rodriguez. 4 Jill Molle. 5 Kevin Moen. More items

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How Much is Real Estate Agent Commission?

Most real estate agents are independent contractors that subsist solely on the commissions they earn. When an agent works for a brokerage, the policy of the brokerage will dictate how the agent’s pay is calculated. Commissions for real estate agents can vary quite a bit.

What does a real estate agent do? An overview. Real estate agents are licensed professionals who typically work under the supervision of a real estate broker.Whether you’re in the market to buy or sell a property, they are trained to guide you through every phase of …

Some real estate agents might use the number of homes sold to justify a number one status. As long as that agent has sold more homes than any other agent in the named territory, it could be a justified statement. On the other hand, consider an agent who sold only 10 homes, but each was a million dollars or more, boosting that agent's dollar

3. Compare real estate agents online. Do a quick name search online for the real estate agents you’ve identified. An agent’s online presence (e.g., real estate websites, search engines and social networks) is the next best thing to a personal referral. Read what people in your area are saying about a recommended real estate agent.

How To Find A Real Estate Agent – Forbes Advisor?

A real estate referral agent is ideal if you’re looking for a property out of state and need to hire an agent in that area but don’t have enough connections to find the right one.

Last modified: March 04 2021

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