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ANSWER: Welcome to a free cross-sample of Creativebug’s award-winning art and craft classes. If you're curious about our site and want to access everything Creativebug has to offer, we recommend taking a free trial.

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What is Creativebug?

Creativebug is your go-to resource for high-quality, on-trend arts and crafts instructional videos. For as little as 16¢ a day you get on-demand access to our full library 1,000+ art and craft classes for artists and makers of all levels.

Creativebug offers Unlimited and Unlimited Plus Subscription Plans with unlimited access to 1000+ award-winning online video classes for artists and makers of all levels. View them side by side here. After your free trial, there is a recurring monthly subscription fee for unlimited access.

The Creativebug app is available via iTunes and Google Play. With our Creativebug App you can download your favorite class and take it on the go! Note: When accessing downloaded classes, be sure you are logged to the Creativebug app while you are connected to wifi before you lose your connection.

What is Creativebug? #ad Affiliate Links are used on this page. Well, CreativeBug is an award-winning online arts and craft learning site offering unlimited access to take beginner-to-advanced yarn crafting classes in everything from knitting and crochet to weaving and needle felting, as well as hundreds more across other crafting mediums. . Additionally, it now provides its users with

Last modified: February 19 2021

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