Where can i take a secretarial course? - (FAQ)

ANSWER: Online secretarial training can give students a thorough education in essential skills for just about any office environment. Take a look at the unexpected benefits that secretary career training courses can have for your career.

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Where Can I Find Free Online Secretary Training and Courses?

Where Can I Find Free Online Secretary Training and Courses? Typing and business and telephone etiquette are among the topics you might explore through free online secretary training. Read on to find out about courses available to you. You can also take timed speed tests that provide accuracy and word-per-minute rates. Alison.

These courses are usually taken through vocational programs or general high school classes that teach basic office skills. However, if an individual can't take office courses while in …

Field-Specific Courses. If you already have some ideas of the type of office you wish to work in, it's smart to focus your courses in those areas. For example, if you want to be a legal secretary, you'd take courses in law, and if you want to be a medical secretary, you might take courses in anatomy.

Hi According to me it is better to pursue Bachelor of Commerce along with Company Secretaryship. The reason behind this the degrees complement each other and provide an added impetus to a student’s academic record. Also it has very wide course and

What classes can I take to become a unit secretary or ?

I've worked in both the nursing & clerical, unit secretarial fields for 25 years. Go 2 ur local community college (called TAFES in Oz) and enquire re the following: - medical terminology course. - computing software courses (everything is microsoft now), though hospitals still …

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