What jobs can you get with an osha degree? - (FAQ)

ANSWER: OSHA sets industry health and safety standards for a variety of job fields. These job fields may include construction work, hospital employment, maritime operations, etc.

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What Can I Do With My OSHA Training Certificate?

Get A New Job If you don't already have a job lined up, getting your OSHA card can let employers know you have a solid baseline of safety training. Make sure your LinkedIn and resume are updated to include your certificate, and make sure prospective employers know that you've already taken the steps to get trained - they'll like that!

Work as an occupational health technician while working on your degree. Occupational health technicians work with inspectors on collecting data on evaluating and improving workplace environments. The minimum requirement for most technician jobs is a high school diploma.

OSHA inspectors can expect a lot of travel and field work. With a degree and some work experience, it is possible to apply for OSHA inspector jobs. OSHA may require people to pass an examination, depending on the position, and applicants will also need to pass a background check. Once accepted, candidates can be provided with OSHA training.

With an OSHA degree, positions such as an Occupational Safety and Health Specialist, Ergonomist, Environmental Protection Officer, Toxicologist, Industrial Hygienist, or Food Safety Inspector are available. Passionate about protecting the workplace and preventing injuries and fatalities? Get an …

How Do I Get a Job with OSHA?

When looking at getting a degree for an OSHA inspection job, you should focus on majoring in a field of study that involves one of the following: health sciences, biology, mathematics, and chemistry. You may also want to earn certificates related to the construction field as OSHA inspector jobs also focus on industrial and construction compliance.

You can substitute a college degree in industrial safety, occupational safety or health for two of the five years of experience. You can also substitute certification as a Certified Safety Professional or Certified Industrial Hygienist for two years of the five-year requirement.

While you can’t actually become a “Certified” OSHA trainer as OSHA doesn’t certify trainers or training programs, OSHA does offer outreach training program courses, which allows qualified individuals to become an authorized OSHA Outreach Trainers in a variety of industries, including construction, general industry, maritime, Cal/OSHA

Does a 30 hr OSHA Course give you an advantage in your job ?

Though completion of a 30 hr OSHA course is not always a requirement to get a job, it can certainly give job applicants the competitive edge in today’s job market. A supervisor or other worker with this training is a valuable asset not only to his employer but to those who work with him, whose safety and health may depend on his knowledge and

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To be frank and honest the OSHA 10 and osha 30 are not certifications, they recognize completion of a 10 hour or 30 hour safety training course. But they are highly valued by the employer. Industrial or referred to as general industry OSHA 10 and

To recap, construction site safety managers are typically required to have a degree in construction management, occupational health and safety, or a related field before they can

You will need to write official reports and conduct statistical analyses for a range of stakeholders so a good level of English communication will be required. In most cases, a degree will not be required unless the student intends to seek high-level government or executive level roles.

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