What is the fastest mario kart? - (FAQ)

ANSWER: Mario Kart 8 supports multiple DLC add-ons. So far, outside of an Amiibo update, one piece of free DLC and two paid DLC packs have been announced.

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Which is the best bike/kart and character?

The best kart to use is the Mini Beast/Concerto, the best small kart if you wanna be fast is the Blue Falcon, the fastest kart (unlocked by completing the Mirror Lightning Cup). -The best

The general rule with kart performance is that the better item stat it has, the worse the overall stats will be. Usually the karts with the lowest item stat have the best other stats. The karts with the higher item stat tend to be a bit lacking in other areas.

While any kart choice in Mario Kart 8 is subjective, I want to point out the karts that offer the best speed for the speed demons among us. They are the Sport Coupe, Mach 8, Super Glide, and the Gold Kart. The Standard kart and the Pipeframe kart aren’t bad choices, either.

Best+Items:+Mario+Kart:+Double+Dash!! Runner-up: Super Mario Kart This was an easy one. Though an honorable mention must go to the original Super Mario Kart

Which Mario Kart Character is the Ultimate Best?

The Best Mario Kart. Overall the Biddybuggy has the highest chance of winning. While the cart has a slower speed, its acceleration and handling is superior, making the Biddybuggy a winning combination. Pair a Biddybuggy with Roller Tires to make a winner. If you want to know which cart never to use, avoid the Badwagon at all costs.

The Super Mario Kart box. (Nintendo) Drew Blumfield just woke up after an all-nighter, so he sounds a little drowsy. That makes it hard to remember he has the reaction time and skill of …

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