What is the best pre law course? - (FAQ)

ANSWER: Business law is arguably the best pre-law class you can take, but courses on sales and contract law will also benefit you greatly.

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What is the best pre-law course?

On another hand, it is sometimes suggested by law alumni that in the end, all pre-bar degrees are equal in the study of law. I agree with this sentiment. I believe that your choice in college is your ‘last’ piece of freedom before the shackles of law study bind you.

In my opinion, the best pre-law course is a bachelor's degree in philosophy because, among others, it covers relevant subjects like ethics, political philosophy, logic, philosophy of language. A good student of such course will train him to approach an issue systematically and use reasoned arguments.

Look for hands-on experience. Even as a high school student, you might be able to gain hands-on experience in the legal profession. Whether it’s a summer job or an internship for course credit (or even just an informational interview with a friend’s lawyer parent), learn all you can about what lawyers do and how the profession operates. It will place you ahead of the typical law school

Prelaw college majors are designed to prepare aspiring lawyers for law school, and these majors often include an eclectic combination of humanities and …

What Courses Should I Take Before Law School?

Take these types of classes before law school. Brooke Bowman, Professor of Legal Skills at Stetson University College of Law, currently ranked #3 in the nation in Legal Research and Writing, shared some thoughts on what classes would be best for law school-bound students, and she emphasized the following:

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