What is the best class to go with in pso2? - (FAQ)

ANSWER: For the fans of mages, the best classes to go with in PSO2 are the Force or the Techer. Force is your old-school blow ’em up, Black Mage type spell caster, while the Techer is a bit more advanced and mixes in healing spells as well.

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What Newcomers Need to Know About Phantasy Star Online 2 ?

Force: the long-range caster class of PSO2, focused on elemental powers using a talis or rod, Techter : support-oriented class focused on powerful healing and buffing techniques using a …

Phantasy Star Online 2 Classes - What Sub Class Should You Play? Phantasy Star Online 2 is FINALLY coming to the west in Spring 2020. If you saw my previous

If a class that can use a weapon type is not available in PSO2:NGS, then that weapon can not be used until that class is released. Units. In PSO2: NGS, units are protective armor that are invisible. Even units obtained from PSO2 will be invisible in PSO2: NGS. A unit's stats, special abilities, and potentials will be different from PSO2.

In Phantasy Star Online 2 (PSO2) every in-game Class has a certain Class Trainer they can talk to and start a series of Quests specifically designed to teach you the ways of your chosen occupation. Even the newest Scion Classes do have their respective Trainers, some of them are a little odd at first sight, but they still remain your trusted instructors.

Last modified: February 25 2021

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