What is nova associate of applied science? - (FAQ)

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What Is an Associate Degree in Applied Science?

The associate degree in applied science is a 2-year degree. Those who attend a 2-year university, as well as a 4-year university, will receive this degree, which is the completion of general requirements for the program they are studying.

Associate in applied science degrees are offered in diverse fields such as fisheries technology, horticulture and natural resources conservation. An AAS in pharmacy technology prepares students to

As you might have already guessed, an associate of science degree is geared towards math and science-related careers. Unlike associate of arts (AA) degrees which tend to cover a broad scope of topics in the humanities, associate of science degrees focus heavily on technical skills that will help prepare students to further their education in

An Associate’s degree in IT isn’t just applicable to tech startups in Silicon Valley, either. Even if you’re still not sure if you belong in the tech industry, this versatile degree can help you get your foot in the door with a wide variety of companies and industries in your own backyard.

Last modified: February 24 2021

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