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ANSWER: Microsoft SQL Server Free Training (LinkedIn Learning) 3. Microsoft SQL Server Training Official (Microsoft) 4. Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Certification Training Exam 70 – 461 (Udemy) 5. Microsoft SQL Database Development Training (edX)

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What is SQL Server?

The SQL Server tutorial Microsoft is to understand the product and the commands associated with it. SQL means Structured Query Language and this is a Microsoft product used to store or manages information within a database.

Microsoft SQL Server has numerous applications in the business world. The first and most obvious one is the database is used to store and manage information. However, businesses that hold sensitive customer information such as personal details, credit card information, and other confidential information will benefit from increased security.

Microsoft SQL certifications are professional credentials that can be used to demonstrate your skills using SQL Server, Microsoft's relational database management system. To earn certification, you must pass an exam that tests your skills. However, there are three levels of Microsoft SQL Certification, and several specialties within each level.

This lesson will provide an overview of Microsoft SQL Server. A brief history of the tool is provided, the different products explained, and Microsoft's own flavor of SQL (T-SQL) will be explained.

What is SQL Server?

What is SQL ServerSQL Tutorial Microsoft SQL Server Tutorial. SQL Server is a Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) from Microsoft. It is also known as MS SQL or simply SQL Server. It is an Enterprise level database application just like Oracle, DB2 or MySQL. As such it is able to store and manage millions of data records for any small to large corporation.

Last modified: March 01 2021

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