What is maintainability in building construction? - (FAQ)

ANSWER: Maintainability is the extent to which the building can be serviced and kept in a good condition throughout its lifetime .

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What is the difference between Maintenance and ?

Maintenance can generally be submitted through a PO: The ongoing upkeep of buildings, equipment, roads, grounds, and utilities required to keep a Facility in a condition adequate to support the University's academic, scientific, and public service functions. It consists of the preservation, but not the improvement of buildings and grounds. Maintenance is …

Examines the background to building maintenance management, emphasizing its importance due to new developments in building design. Suggests that, owing to the use of less‐durable materials in construction the need for long‐term planning in order for maintenance to be profitable is important.

A structure as a whole system is divided into number of different parts mainly comprising of footing, column, beam and slab. Columns are basically vertical members which span from substructure to superstructure and play a crucial role in transfer of …

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What is LEED?

What is a LEED building, you ask? "LEED certifications, which will be the focus of the article, are earned in accordance to a rating system for the sustainability of the design, construction, maintenance and operations of a building. The five LEED rating systems for building certification are: Building Design and Construction, or BD+C.

It is a branch of Civil Engineering involved with the maintenance, design and construction of both natural and physically built environments such as roads, railways, buildings, water reservoirs, subdivisions, airports, bridges, sewer systems, tunnels and dams.

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