What do you learn in hindustani classical music? - (FAQ)

ANSWER: You will learn the basics of Hindustani Classical Music. I feel that the basic knowledge of Sur and Taal, as well as musical terms like Scales or Saptak, are important for any music lover who aspires to improve his/her singing projection.

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What is Thaats or That10 thats in Indian Music?

Hi Classicals, I was watching the sunset at the Juhu Beach that evening. The entire atmosphere had a hue of an unknown uneasiness. It compelled me to think about the ragas and the moods that are related with the particular time of a day. And what a coincidence, a veteran nearby was talking about Modes in Indian Classical Music or Thaats.He was explaining a young boy, probably …

Hi Sunita, There is not age to learn music. You just need to do regular practice. Pls contact me if you are willing to learn. You can explore it if you like it you may continue. !! Hindustani Music is a beautiful ocean.

You can go to YouTube and search about online Indian Classical courses and learn from those tutorials . Or You can Join Shankar Mahadevan academy which provides an Indian Classical training on an online interface , but the enrolment fees are very

There are sites to learn Hindustani Classical music online but it is recommended to learn classical music at the academy only if transportation is not an problem. By learning physically at academy, one can get the proper guidance and can come to know about the mistakes happening while singing classical music.

What are the core elements of Hindustani Classical music ?

I am always fascinated with the songs which have some elements of Hindustani Classical Music. I want to learn more about the core or the basic elements of the same. I have tried to read them on Internet but being a beginner I get lost in the very beginning of otherwise a detailed article.

In the more classical traditional sense, harmony (at least harmonic motion) is non existent in both forms of Indian classical music. There are more adhoc treatments of harmony. For instance if you play on a raga from the Bilawal thaat (aka the major scale) or the Asavari thaat (aka the minor scale) all the theory of functional harmony should be

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