What colleges offer a major in criminal justice? - (FAQ)

ANSWER: The following schools offer degrees in criminal justice or other criminal justice programs: George Washington University, Marist College, and CalState-Long Beach are some of the top choices for criminal justice education.

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What to Know About Criminal Justice College Majors?

Top 12 Criminal Justice Colleges. Criminal justice has been a major at universities and colleges for a long time. There are many different well-paying jobs in the American criminal justice system you can look to fill. Here are the top 12 colleges that offer criminal justice as a major in college. The school below are not ranked in order.

A criminal justice major gives students an understanding of the three main elements of the justice system: the courts, policing and corrections. The study of criminal justice and corrections

The City University of New York's John Jay College of Criminal Justice was ranked 139th on the U.S. News & World Report list for northern universities in 2019 and 15th for graduate criminology programs in 2018. The college offers research projects and degree programs in criminal justice and forensic psychology led by accomplished faculty.

A criminal justice major provides students with a liberal arts and social sciences-focused education in addition to criminal justice and corrections-specific training. … The major draws on topics from history, political science, communications, psychology and sociology to supplement students’ coursework.

Last modified: February 26 2021

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