What can i do with a noncredit degree? - (FAQ)

ANSWER: Classes are noncredit and do not generate degree applicable college units. A full range of personal, career and academic counseling services is available to students enrolled in the noncredit courses. All of the courses and services are free.

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What is the Purpose of Taking Non-Credit Courses?

There are standard types of non-credit classes. First, Adult Basic Education (ABE) classes cover literacy, numeracy and GED preparation. Second, Personal Enrichment (PE) classes are designed for adults who simply want to learn something new.

With your associate degree, you can expect an average starting computer aided design salary in Dallas and North Texas of about $41,000 per year, making CADD a good career. When job hunting, you should also take into account the broad range of uses CADD skills can apply to — Mountain View student Janette Parachini, a part-time employee at

1. Review any information you can find about using non-accredited degrees in your state. In Oregon, for example, you can't use a non-accredited degree for a public or licensed job, and you must include a disclaimer that your degree is from an unaccredited college.

Credit/No Credit (CR/NCR) is a designation students can apply to up to 2.0 credits during their undergraduate degree.CR/NCR means that in place of a grade, a notation of CR will appear on the transcript beside the course if the course is passed (with a …

How Do You Earn a Geography Degree?

Earning your college degree in geography shows prospective employers that you can solve problems, research solutions, utilize technology, and see the "big picture." A typical geography degree involves a wide variety of coursework within the discipline to expose students to all aspects of this fascinating wide-ranging subject.

What You Should Know. Taking theology courses can strengthen your analytical thinking and your grasp of secular philosophical concepts. Accredited colleges and universities offer free online theology courses, which can be completed at your own pace; however, you won't earn credit for these courses.

American history can be studied online for free with the following courses. Course topics include immigration, war, and culture. These non-credit courses typically include a syllabus and lecture notes, as well as links to free online reading materials.

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