What can i do with a career diploma from penn foster? - (FAQ)

ANSWER: Penn Foster College is a nationally accredited online college where you can earn your college degree online at your own pace.

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Once you have passed all your online courses, you will receive your diploma, certificate, or degree from Penn Foster. Depending upon the program you choose, you can complete your training in just a few months or take up to two years to complete a …

Yes, you can get a job after you get a career diploma from Penn Foster. The real question is will you get a job in what you trained for. It depends on the laws were you live and what the career is.

I'm interested in Penn Foster's paralegal career diploma. Can I work in that particular field if I just want to use it as a complement to my Master's degree which is in something completely different? I would like to have another profession as a "backup" and that's why I want to make sure this diploma would be accepted by most employers. I'm concerned because Penn Foster

in this video i discuss the time frame of receiving your penn foster high school diploma.

What colleges in California accept the Penn Foster high ?

According to Penn Foster's list of alumni institutions, these are many universities and colleges where students with this diploma have recently (within the last three years) been accepted.

Last modified: February 28 2021

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