What are the different types of sprint cars? - (FAQ)

ANSWER: There are two different types on sprint cars used for racing; Winged and Non-Winged, based on whether the cars used are mounted with wings.

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Which Type of Dirt Car is for You?

Stock Cars. The stock car category is quite different from the open wheels category. This class offers much heavier vehicles that come in all different models, engines and years. There are four common types of stock cars: the street stock, the super stock, the dirt late model and the super dirt late model. Street Stock

While NASCAR’s Sprint Cup has many different teams, the cars are also broken down by car and engine models. Some tracks have success historically depending on the type of car the driver is using.

There are three types of 5G being built in the U.S. including low-band, mid-band and high-band mmWave 5G. It's confusing for consumers, especially since there aren't phones that support all three yet.

The hoods come in a couple different widths to accommodate the various cage sizes for Box Stocks through Opens. The tail cones are neatly mounted directly to the sprint car type bumper that provides protection to the rear axel area of the kart. Burris dirt tires are installed on each kart. Dirt slicks are usually the tire of choice in the box

Last modified: February 27 2021

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