What are the best high school classes? - (FAQ)

ANSWER: The best courses a high school student can take to prepare for getting into a pre-med program include: Science, including biology and chemistry. Math. Humanities.

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What Classes Should You Take in High School?

We'll also break down the details of the various high school course requirements, the kinds of choices you will have to make, and the exciting possibilities you will get to explore! If you're wondering what classes to take in high school, this guide …

The best course of action, then, is to challenge yourself most in classes that reflect your specific interests. So if you're a science whiz, you might consider diving more deeply into calculus, biology, or physics. If you're into the social sciences, you can take economics and psychology at high levels, even at the expense of taking AP Physics.

If your high school doesn't offer advanced classes that suit your interests or abilities, you may be able to find the classes you're looking for through a local college extension program or online school. You will be able to take the challenging courses you want, and it will show initiative and drive on your high school transcript.

If your high school doesn’t offer certain or any AP classes, there are some alternatives. For example, you might self-study a test, start a program at your school, or take college classes. Check out What if My School Doesn’t Offer AP or IB Courses? for more tips.

What Can High School Students Do to Prepare for Law School?

Take advanced classes. College is difficult, and law school is even harder. Taking challenging courses in high school will help prepare you for the demands of maintaining a high GPA as an undergraduate, which is one of the most important factors for maximizing your chances of law school admission.     Improve your standardized test

Last modified: February 19 2021

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