Is there any one year degree course in ignou? - (FAQ)

ANSWER: Yes IGNOU is good but it is a distance University so you won't have face to face interaction with the teachers. So always try to do regular courses instead of distance. 947 views

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Can I complete my graduation in one year from IGNOU?

I guess this question was asked by a CA student, because if you are one, the answer for you is : YES! The ICAI and IGNOU have a Memorandum of understanding (MOU) between them, which allows students pursuing CA to complete their BCOM degree from IG

ignou does not offer any degree in one year. and try not to go with one year degree unless you have not done any three years diploma course.the diplomas like BE are only considered as a degree with one year graduation

There are various universities in India offering distance education programmes to students. IGNOU (Indira Gandhi National Open University) is one of the largest, reputed and popular open and distance learning universities in India offering over 200 courses to students in India and abroad.

It is clearly stated in IGNOU prospectus that if any organisation fails to recognise IGNOU Degree, the open university will itself clarify to that organisation and will give a proper explanation. IGNOU degree is completely valid and easy to obtain as things are very simple.

Is it Valid to pursue two degree Courses at the same time ?

However, One Regular with one Distance mode, Two diplomas, two certificates, one degree one certificate, are allowed”. Some universities have implemented this rules but with some modifications and limitations such as student can go for distant/open courses along with a regular course or it should be from another university.

Last modified: March 01 2021

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