Is there a free online ged class? - (FAQ)

ANSWER: While most GED classes require payment of a registration fee, there are a few websites that offer free online GED classes. The GED Academy, which administers the site, provides a free mini-course with sample lessons from each of the four test sections:

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How Much Does It Cost To Get a GED?

The cost of GED test prep coursework, online study guides, and/or tutoring, is a major consideration, and for most people, it is probably the largest expense associated with taking the GED

The short answer is no, you cannot take the GED online. Similar to many standardized tests, including the GRE, the GED can only be taken in person at an authorized GED test center. Although the GED is administered on a computer, you can't take the test at home or online from anywhere other than an authorized test center.

In most states, taking GED classes is optional, but there are a couple of exceptions. Anyone under 18 years of age in Nebraska is required to take GED courses

Check out your library and state education department website to find recommended online GED prep sites. There are real GED sites with free courses and practice tests that are absolutely worth your while. Be aware that while you may legitimately choose to pay a little extra for personal online support -- but you should never have to pay a prep site more …

How to prepare for GED Classes & Find Free GED Classes Online?

Best GED Classes is a site that offers explicitly free GED classes online at home for those who want to prepare well for this examination. The website provides a range of free GED classes online. It includes an extensive library of …

It’s better to take a class and pass the GED rather than not taking a class, failing, and having to re-take the exam again and again. Back to top Free Regular and Online GED Classes. So taking a GED class may very well be worth the cost of time, but is it worth the money cost? It is if there is no money cost.

Last modified: March 03 2021

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