Is k12 a good homeschooling program? - (FAQ)

ANSWER: K12 curriculum can be the core subjects (Math, Writing, Literature, Spelling, Vocabulary, History and Science) or you can customize to meet the needs of more advanced students. Furthermore, it's flexible.

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Is K12 Really Homeschooling?

In online, virtual school at home programs, many—like the K12 online school—are affiliated with public school programs. So, essentially your child is doing public school, just from home. This is why many virtual, “home school” programs are tuition free—they are …

K12 isn't what's recognized legally under homeschooling laws. But anyway, I know you're using the word generally, and yes, k12 is legitimate. Contact them with questions.

There are different options of homeschooling like on the computer or books. 1. Computer. You can buy different homeschooling programs online but the one my family uses is SOS S.witched O.n S.choolhouse were you take lessons, quizzes, etc. Its works like this: you read the lesson, answers the questions, and it grades it for you.

Understand that many of these programs are advertised as homeschool, when they are actually school at home. The district determines curriculum, lessons, pace, and in some cases students are required to have face-to-face time regularly with license

What Is Accreditation?

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Admissions consultants say colleges want details about the applicant's home schooling program, the reasons the student opted to home-school and how they structured their studies.

Now that you know how homeschooling works and what the main types of homeschool programs are, stay tuned for Part II: How to Choose Individualized Homeschool Curriculum for Each Child.” And, if you’re looking for help in choosing the best homeschool program , call today at 800-863-1474 !

Last modified: February 25 2021

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