Does hope scholarship pay for summer classes? - (FAQ)

ANSWER: In fact, HOPE scholarship funds may be used to pay for summer classes. However, there are restrictions on the HOPE scholarship that may affect whether the costs for particular summer classes are covered.

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Does a Hope Scholarship Pay for Summer Classes ?

Does a Hope Scholarship Pay for Summer Classes? Definition. The HOPE scholarship is designed to assist eligible Georgia high school graduates and GED recipients in Eligibility. All HOPE scholarship recipients must be Georgia residents. Students must graduate from an eligible Georgia Eligible

The Hope Scholarship Program awards a set amount of money toward a recipient's classes, regardless of what semester courses are taken. The scholarship therefore pays for summer classes, too. The scholarship is funded by revenue from the Georgia Lottery.

Like the HOPE Scholarship, the program provides money for tuition, some fees and books [source: GAcollege411]. The HOPE GED Grant. This is a one-time, $500 grant available to anyone who earns a GED diploma in Georgia. Most of the general requirements are the same as for a HOPE Scholarship.

HOPE scholarship funds may be used to pay tuition for eligible classes for any term in which students are enrolled, including summer. Students need not be enrolled full-time. However, classes that are audited, that is, not taken for credit, may not be paid for with HOPE scholarship funds.

How many total hours will HOPE/Zell Scholarship pay for?

When a student reaches 127 Attempted or Paid Hours, they can no longer receive HOPE/Zell Miller Scholarship funding. For HOPE/Zell Miller Scholarship purposes, Attempted Hours include any hours attempted toward a Degree Program at any school attended after High School graduation, whether or not HOPE/Zell Miller Scholarship funds were received for the hours.

Moreover, does Zell Miller pay full tuition? For 2019 - 2020, The Zell Miller Scholarship pays 100% of the total cost of in-state tuition charged. This is a maximum of $10,258 for two semesters of enrollment in 12 Zell Miller eligible credits per term. Beside above, how much does hope and Zell Miller cover?

For students who are enrolled at two-year institutions without campus housing and were awarded the scholarship in Fall 2009 through Summer 2015 , the Tennessee HOPE Scholarship pays:

How to Apply for HOPE Scholarship Financial Aid ?

HOPE may not be regained at the Spring semester checkpoint, unless that coincides with a 60 or 90 hour checkpoint. Also, there is an attempted hours “cap” on the length of HOPE scholarship payment (127 attempted hours). The deadline to receive HOPE for the current year is the last day of class for the semester for which you are applying.

Last modified: May 13 2021

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