Can you take coast guard captains license online? - (FAQ)

ANSWER: You can now take your U.S. Coast Guard Captain's License course online! Save 25% off the retail price by taking the course through ®.

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How Do I Get a U.S. Coast Guard Captain's License?

No. If you use the Mariners Learning System suite of Coast Guard approved courses, you can take your coast guard captain’s exam at one of our testing centers instead.

Even though most of the boaters in San Diego are not operating their vessel for commercial purposes, taking a USCG course like the one required to receive a captain’s license is great for educational purposes. It can help you become a better boater so you can better ensure the safety of your passengers when out on the water.

You may either pay an examination fee to take the exams administered by the Coast Guard or you may enroll in any number of approved Captains’ courses. You will receive a certificate of completion from the school to submit with your application in lieu of the Coast Guard exams; however, you will still take exams which include questions from

The OUPV/Six-pack or Charter Boat Captain's License is the most popular of the Captain's Licenses and is required for those wishing to offer fishing and sailing charters, drive a dive boat, or run sightseeing tours, etc. This license is commonly referred to as a "Six-pack" because it allows the holder to take up to six paying passengers and crew on the water.

What kind of USCG Captains License Course Should I Take?

First, be aware that any USCG-approved Captains License Course, whether in-classroom, Internet, or blended format (a combination of in-classroom and Internet study) must consist of a minimum of fifty-six (56) training hours. This is a Coast Guard requirement that cannot be altered.

A Captain’s License is professional credential required to operate a vessel carrying passengers or cargo for hire. If anyone onboard is paying to be there, or you are being paid to transport goods or cargo, you are required to have a Licensed Captain aboard. Types of Captain’s Licenses.

You may also present the renewal package at any USCG Regional Exam Center. The Coast Guard will advise you by mail when you may return to and pay the $45 renewal fee, the second fee you pay to the Coast Guard. The new sticker for the license page of your MMC will be mailed to you from the National Maritime Center.

What the FWC Saltwater Charter License authorizes: FWC?

Call 1-888-427-5662 for information on the Coast Guard Captain's license. USCG charter boat captain information is available on the USCG web site. The FWC Charter Captain and Charter Boat licenses and commercial registration can only be purchased at tax collector's office throughout Florida.

For the OUPV license, the fees are Evaluation: $ 100.00; Examination: $ 110.00 (not charged if you take a private course); and Issuance: $ 45.00. These fees are paid directly to the U.S. Coast Guard. License applicants will also have to pay for a First Aid/CPR course.

Last modified: March 04 2021

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