Can i get the same gcse and igcse online? - (FAQ)

ANSWER: Get the same GCSE/IGCSE qualifications you would in school, all online. Our online GCSE and IGCSE courses are awarded by Edexcel and AQA, two of the biggest providers of high school qualifications in the UK.

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How To Get A GCSE Qualification Online Study Online?

We’ll help you get your GCSEs online with our wide range of IGCSE courses that allow you to add a new qualification to your CV and better your opportunities. Our courses provide the ideal springboard for a change of career and to retrain in something you’re passionate about.

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Some students in other Commonwealth countries (such as Canada, Australia and India) can also take the GCSE. What is the difference between the GCSE and the IGCSE? The GCSE is in a state of flux at the moment, because the government’s changes to the way the courses are taught are being brought in gradually over a number of years.

If you take a GCSE exam, you get a GCSE. If you take an IGCSE exam, you get an IGCSE. So the answer is no. CIE and Edexcel are exam boards. IGCSEs, from what I remember, never have coursework, while GCSEs sometimes do.

Is Cambridge IGCSE equivalent to the UK GCSE?

Cambridge IGCSE was developed as a GCSE examination for international use and the academic demands and standards of Cambridge IGCSE are equivalent to those of the UK GCSE. Cambridge IGCSE exams are tailored for a multi–cultural, multi–lingual audience in a way that UK GCSE

GCSE and IGCSE are certainly very similar. Both qualifications are at the same level: they are designed to test the completion of the UK National Curriculum's "Key Stage 4". They are usually sat at the end of UK Year 11, in the year a student becomes 16. They have no age restriction, though - and have been sat by many students younger and older.

The iGCSEs have not been subjected to the same pressures that mark the regular GCSEs to become easier. iGCSE do not have their marks recorded in the UK GCSE League Tables. The GCSEs and iGCSEs offer diverse subjects e.g. iGCSEs are not offered in Ancient Greek or Latin. In summary, the difference between GCSE and iGCSE is the lack of coursework.

Which science do I need in order to teach?

As far as I'm aware, iGCSE is taken exactly the same as a 'normal' GCSE. I was told that because it's online, lots of people were getting someone else to do their coursework, so they changed it to exam only, not sure how true that is though.

I have limited knowledge of IGCSEs, but I’ll try to answer this the best I can. In the new 9–1 GCSE maths exams there is a lot of problem solving and practical applications of maths. With a quick glance at the IGCSE maths paper there seems to be a

The same GCSE’s studied in Schools across the UK but with the benefit of flexible distance learning. Studying a GCSE at a school or typical college can tie you down to a rigid, frustrating 9-5 style of learning which may not be suited you, particularly if you have a job and want to keep working as you study.

How to homeschool your child through their GCSEs: A guide. Preparing a child for their GCSEs is a big task and can sometimes be a daunting undertaking for home-schooling parents. Ensuring your child is equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in a wide variety of subjects is a big responsibility, even more so if they’re choosing subjects which you yourself haven’t covered at

IGCSE English is not a very difficult subject if you actually take the time to do two things: 1. Produce your best effort in your coursework from the start, don't think you will have time later to go back and make it good. You most likely wont hav

The standards set by the Cambridge IGCSE are internationally recognized and are on par with both the Cambridge O levels in Singapore as well as the GCSE in the United Kingdom. Students can either take individual examinations for each of the subjects that they’re studying from the syllabus or they can take it as a part of qualification towards

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