Can anyone attend the hobby lobby? - (FAQ)

ANSWER: Course topics include cake decorating, knitting, painting, drawing, sewing, and more. Taking a hands-on course can help you build new skills in arts and crafts, but are Hobby Lobby classes worth it?

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Why I will not be shopping at Hobby Lobby anymore?

Anyone who has ever worked at the corporate offices, as I have, can tell you that Hobby Lobby is all about the bottom line. And for awhile now I’ve said that anyone who has to keep shouting about what great Christians they are makes me wonder why they think I …

Peggy Callender, I think that is so not right, what they are trying to do to Hobby Lobby and I am behind Hobby Lobby 100%, the government is overstepping their bounds, the government is supposed to be for the people and by the people, not just a few in Washington, Christians we need to take a firm hand and stance and pray and talk all we can

Yoshino: I would just add that we can and probably should take Hobby Lobby out of this and just say that this is a self-assigned ethical stand — but you don’t get out of a self-assigned

So the Supreme Court has ruled that Hobby Lobby can exempt themselves from covering certain types of contraception to women because of “sincerely held religious beliefs”. You can read all about why half the Supreme Court thinks this makes sense, and you can also read about why the other half thinks this is a bad decision that will come back to haunt them in other places on the web.

Can glass beads from hobby lobby be fused in a microwave ?

I am in a rural area and cannot find very many supplies for fusing glass in a microwave kiln. Can the glass beads in the jewelry making dept. at hobby lobby be fused in the microwave kiln? And also I have some glass shelves I took down, can that kind of glass be cut and fused?

Last modified: February 25 2021

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