Are there any classes that are open to omscs students? - (FAQ)

ANSWER: Classes marked with an A are open to OMSCS students, but administered by the OMS-Analytics program. Classes marked with a C are open to OMSCS students, but administered by the OMS-Cybersecurity program.

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Why I joined and left OMSCS at Georgia Tech?

I didn’t feel like there was any downgrade in instructor expertise compared to in-person classes. Piazza serves as the online discussion board for the class. The students, TAs, and instructor use it as a primary tool for communication regarding questions and assignments. You probably will not find a OMSCS program for $10,000 any where.

So, using course survey and grade data collected from 854 unique students in three OMSCS classes offered between Summer 2015 and Fall 2016 (123 females, 715 males and 16 unknown), as well as data collected from an online survey of 160 past and present OMSCS students (57 females and 103 males), I decided to investigate why this is the case.

Excerpt from a Wall Street Journal article dated Dec 27, 2013: In 2014 Udacity will offer an online-only computer science master degree in partnership with Georgia Tech and AT&T Inc., which while not as far reaching as MOOCs, further stretches th

Classes usually have an official Piazza Q&A page set up for student conversations, but the unofficial channels on Slack, Reddit, and Google+ are invaluable. I can’t recall a time I’ve had a question about some assignment or concept and there wasn’t a fellow student online willing to chat about it.

How To: Read an Academic Paper OMS CS6460?

The big difference in research is that other researchers are usually far more open about reporting their results, and peer review keeps claims a bit more honest. So, developing these skills in academia is a great exercise even if you’re planning on taking a more business-oriented route: the skills are the same, but the business world is more

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